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VW's electric car concept has been revealed before Paris Motor Show!

Probably you know that today Volkswagen sells one all-electric car under its own brand in multiple markets – the e-Golf electric variant of its well-known five-door compact hatchback.Another one can be found in Europe only, the e-UP, a battery-electric minicar. But in the wake of continuing fallout from the Volkswagen diesel scandal, the company is wrenching itself toward a more electric future. Now the company has teased the all-electric concept it’s expected to reveal at the Paris Motor Show less than three weeks hence.
The concept car is expected to sit on the MEB architecture for compact-sized electric vehicles that the company discussed last year. The production version of the car in 2019 could have a range of 500 kilometers (310 miles) on the European testing cycle, or perhaps 250 miles under EPA rules. Volkswagen aims to launch 30 new electric modelsacross multiple brands between now and 2025. Now VW has released three teaser photos of the concept, showing portions of sketches that it says were made for the project. It carries numerous design elements that are instantly identifiable as Volkswagen hallmarks. Those include large circular “VW” badges, headlights with pointed inside edges, and taillights that wrap around the corners of the rear. It appears to have slightly more rounded corners and edges on the classic square-cut Volkswagen shape, but the full form of the vehicle remains unknown.

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