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FCA's scandal continues:Dealers are investigated!

FCA's scandal continues:Dealers are investigated!As you might already know from one of our previous article, FCA was reporting cheating sales for a while now. We don't know the right time when it all has started, but for sure the FCA dealerships were a part of the plan. Some of them have begun to receive subpoenas to provide documents or any proof that would show the company's reported sales weren't real.

There are 2,650 U.S. dealerships which sell Fiat Chrysler's cars and it's still a secret how many of them received these subpoenas. One of these dealerships has talked about receiving subpoenas that were seeking for dealer-level sales data and other information. FCA again has declined to comment, but even so an attorney that represents some dealers said he planned to object to the requests. Some of the dealers will object the issue, because the investigators need too much personal data, for example the phone numbers of employees, also the sales which were subsequently unwound. Dealers shouldn't be dragged into this, that is what they consider. Their opinion is that they mustn't expend their time and money because of FCA's scandalFCA employee statements and records must be enough for a decision.

VW's record sales of the first half of 2016

We guess that there is no person who has not heard about the VW diesel-emissions scandal. The company, which owns 70 percent of the U.S. passenger-car diesel market, is in major trouble for cheating on diesel-emissions tests. However, this scandal did not prevent the company to take the leading position in its sales for the first half of the year.

The analyzed figures show that Volkswagen Group sold over 5 million cars and light trucks worldwide and more than any other automaker in the first half of 2016. According to the Center for Automotive Management, the carmaker sold up 0.8 percent from a year ago. The figure includes the automaker's flagship Volkswagen brand, as well as AudiPorsche, and its other nameplates.

Jaguar plans to design two flawless supercars based on luxury EVs!

We guess some of you heard about the Jaguar's C-X75 concept car debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. This is a hybrid-electric, 2-seat car that produces 778 horsepower through four YASA electric motors. In may 2011 the company announced its plans to launch a limited production of the Jaguar C-X75 until 2015. A maximum of 250 cars were planned to be built in partnership with Formula One team Williams F1.

In December 2012 the automaker announced the cancellation of production of the C-X75 sports car, abandoning plans to replace the XK coupe and convertible. This happened due to the ongoing global economic crisis. The concept car appears in the 2015 James Bond film, "Spectre", as Mr. Hinx's car. Finally, the carmaker has turned toward building two electric vehicles (EV). One of them would be a replacement for the JX sedan and the other one a premium SUV.

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The new Lotus Elise comes back by 2020!

The new Lotus Elise comes back by 2020!Have you been missing Lotus cars? It's been a long time since we've last heard about the launch of a new model. After the chief president of the company has been canceled, we were long awaiting for something new, we've heard that it is planning on earning a good profit in 2017 which bring more fire to the car enthusiasts, so what it's gonna be?

It's finally time for a new Elise guys, Lotus CEO Jean-Marc said that the model will be ready in 2020, and the new version will be well overdue. The current Series 3, model is already five years old and rides on a platform derived from the 20-year-old Series 1. We haven't been told anything else, but of course we've got a few hints for our readers, which will help on finding out what they must be waiting for, when the model finally comes out. The company has invested a lot in the Toyota relationship and it is really successful right? So we think it will have something in common from the brand, maybe in the interior, or maybe at the exterior. Of course the steering will be the same, since the company is really proud of them.

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Morris Garages revealed its upcoming GS crossover!

Morris Garages revealed its upcoming GS crossover!:What means MG for you, some simple nice carsaffordable sports cars ? Do you mentally imagine some 1960's two-seats best sports cars, or maybe a 1990s MGF or the sportier saloons from the early 2000's? No matter, what your answer is gonna be, you need to be a serious car enthusiast if you know the answer on this question. Considering it has moved to forecourts five years ago and followed the lacklustre MG6 with a more promising but low selling MG3, the Morris Garages brand has turned into a shadow in auto industry.

They sell only 1896 models per year and only in UK, it might have sold approximately 8000 Corsas in June, but even so we don't know much about these cars, and get all the information needed only by digging deeper. Now the company is more than convinced it can win more costumers with its new GS crossover, a car that we've been waiting for since it was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2013. This model looks like a good car, coming on the perfect time. British crossover sales continue to head upwards and while it is a very competitive market, there are few other models that might become good competitors to the model. But, we are pretty convinced this MG is gonna compete too! According to MG its tape measure is close to the likes of Nissan Qashqai and Ford Kuga, also in its driving ability is close to them too.

Ford's sales rise up thanks to 2017's Fusion Hybrid and Energi!

Ford's sales rise up thanks to 2017's Fusion Hybrid and Energi!:Have you sen the new Ford Fusion's Hybrid and Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid? These models might become the new Ford's step to high sales since they are loved by potential buyers, and most importantly they are bought. The mid-size stalwart started selling its 2017 model-year version last month, and Ford has told to the media that Fusion's two hybrid models got high sales boost in LA.

Considering the mid-size Ford vehicles were down for five years now, it is an exceptionally important moment to see how they were brought up to the new stage by the brand. This plug-in car may go 610 miles on a full tank of gas and a full battery charge, which we know means that the car will travel from the car might travel a long distance without a fill-up or a change. We know that Ford's green cars were always popular in LA, but it's important to notice that the Fusion Hybrid sales rose 35% from a year earlier here, while the Energi's sales are 39% higher. Through May in LA were accounted more than 40% of Fusion sales. The U.S. Fusion Hybrid sales fell 19% from the previous year, and Energi's sales in U.S. Jumped 55%.

GM's profit more than doubles

It has been announced that the General Motors Company has a certain sales decrease outside the US. The level of sales in South America has dropped significantly. Europe's hopes to reach break even this year are threatened by the aftershocks of the U.K.'s Brexit vote. Despite this, the level of domestic sales is not low.

North American operations' pretax profit jumped 31 percent in the second quarter to $3.65 billion from the year-earlier period, despite a drop of 5.7 percent in overall North American unit sales. North America-heavy General Motors Financial joined the party, topping all overseas operations with a pretax profit of $266 million, up 18 percent.

Hyundai aims to launch the all-new hydrogen-powered CUV by 2018!

It's not a secret that automakers love dropping new models. It is clear now that Hyundai plans to launch a hydrogen-powered vehicle, not taking into account the fact that the current Tucson Fuel Cell is now available. Hyundai has already sold almost 1000 Fuel Cell units.

Ahn Byung-ki, Hyundai Motor Group's director of eco-vehicle development, said that the next-generation hydrogen powertrain will be an all-new model that will be "somewhere between a CUV and SUV." It's interesting what is going to be under the vehicle's hood. The upcoming model will use a fuel cell that doesn't need as much platinum and will have a bigger battery and a smaller motor.

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The most outspoken tuned Manhart MH2 630.

The most outspoken tuned Manhart MH2 630.We know that there are many people who would just love the original versions of the automobiles, and there are also many updated versions that ruin all the look of the car, but it doesn't seem to affect the model we wanted to show you here. Meet one of the most outrageous example of the cars that exists today, a Manhart MH2 630.

Actually when it comes to its visual, mechanical and acoustics it is the sickest BMW M2you've ever seen. We didn't tell it is the best, it's just special! Even those strong flavors might get a bit too much for many of us. These pictures of a brand new updated model will let you make an ample decision on whether you like tuned cars or not. It packs an almost 630 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque from a 3.0 liter straight six turbo engine

FCA reporting cheating sales!

FCA reporting cheating sales!FCA has been cheating on sales, by reporting higher results than they have for real, that is what sources are talking about right now. The sources did not specify the time period covered by the review but it revealed that 5,000 to 6,000 vehicles that were told to be sold by dealers, were unwound after. It's been told that the sales numbers were inflated in part under pressure to preserve FCA's streak of U.S.. Monthly year-over-year sales increases, which now stands at 75 months.

The employee turnover rate among sales staff in the company's nine business centers is four times higher than in the rest of the company, because of pressure applied from above to meet aggressive sales targets. FCA didn't comment anything yet. All of these revelations came after theDepartment of Justice looked into FCA's sales practices.

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Toyota and Lexus collaboration on Toyota Supra!

Toyota and Lexus collaboration on Toyota Supra!:The rumors are flying for a long time now, but this time we are pretty sure that a successor to the amazing and really missed Toyota Supra is already in the works. Considering Toyota didn't do anything to stop the conversations it is definitely true. The partnership with BMW and the FT-1 concept from two years ago, only made the fire burn brighter. The talk of a new Lexus engine has led to speculation about the supposed Supra's powertrain.

You might think it's not really possible, but a few things have already been confirmed. BMW and Toyota are working on a joint product. We know they were testing it out in the wild. The future car will more than likely be powered by turbocharged inline four and six-cylinder engines, as BMW likes to do. Of course, if Toyota wouldn't want to use Bimmer power, and they'll need to shoehorn one of their own under the hood. All of these, leads us to the rumor of a twin-turbocharged V6 that might power the new Lexus GS and LS. This engine might make more than 400 horsepower and more than 300 lb-ft of torque.

FCA's scandal continues with a new recall!

FCA's scandal continues with a new recall!:Didn't we tell you about the tragic death of Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin?! Also we have informed you a month before about all the FCA skeletons getting out of the closet and by that we mean those 260 crashes which got linked to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Now that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started its own investigation the company realized it needs to start a new recall.

It's not anymore that light recall you're all used to hear about, pay attention at the numbers 410,000 vehicles worldwide need to be tested. Don't pass this news like it never existed, because the defect on the car may lead to a loss of propulsion. Even though the cars are being recalled in the whole world, most of them are here in U.S. Fiat has announced that 323,000 cars need in U.S. Need to be carefully investigated, because the issue might lead to the lose of the ability to move forward. No injuries, or accidents were reported by now on the problem, however we know how unaware are consumers now of the brand's vehicles. Outside the NAFTA region will be recalled 44,000 vehicles,36,000 in Canada and 7,000 in Mexico. The problem was discovered in a wire harness, which could lead to a fault code. Once the fault code is detected, it could cut propulsion to the vehicle. The company has updated the software to solve the problem. This software enables “limp mode” which will allow the driver to safely get off the road while protecting the vehicle from damage incurred by continued use after a fault occurs.

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The 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is coming this fall!

The 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is coming this fall! We've already found out that GM showed a more than doubled income on the first quarter of the year but we were pretty upset after finding out Chevrolet is suspending the production on its Corvette Z06. Now, it seems like the company has finally come to a solution to its overheating woes. In 2017, which is really close, Chevrolet will switch to a new hood with larger vents and a new supercharger cover. Both of them will be designed with cooling in mind.

It's gonna be an answer to a huge number of owners who have experienced some overheating issues while pushing their cars hard in warm weather. Corvette's chief engineer told  the media that this issue affected only 5% of owners, but the most vocal owners ever. The team was thinking on finding the solution, and now it's finally here. All of the changes will be applied to the 2017 Z06s when the production will resume this fall. The specialists are still waiting on some more details from the owners, which will help on creating a better car.

General Motors shows a more than double income!

General Motors shows a more than double income!We've come to realize that the new GM strategy was a great one and we've got the proof. The idea of focusing on retail sales in North America got a win-win in the second quarter, with net income more than doubling from the year-earlier quarter. The company has reported an income of $2.87 billion in the second quarter, which is up from $1.12 in the second quarter of 2015. General Motors' CEO told to the media that it's been an outstanding quarter for GM, and they'll continue to focus on driving profitable growth and leveraging their technical expertise to lead in the future of personal mobility.

The American carmaker has raised its earnings guidance for 2016, and it looks like it is expecting to make between $5.50 and $6 a share for 2016, up from its previous projection of $5.25-5.75. Since GM's emergence from bankruptcy in July 2009, the income rose 11% to $42.37 billion. Don't these results beat any Wall Street expectations?! Even though the analysts have been predicted the automaker to post earnings of $1.52 per share, it did even more and showed what a good strategy means. We didn't forget about the 5.6% GM sales drop in North America, but after the interest has approached a new level, the firm has rose its earnings here to $3.65 billion. After General Motorsstarted to focus on selling fewer cars into fleet market, and was more into retail, the margins have boosted to 12.1% from 10.5% a year ago. We consider this strategy a very disciplined one, and the idea of making more than double incentives on pickups is also worth the cost.

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BMW is thinking of launching a pickup truck!

In 2011 BMW launched one of the best Automotive April Fool's Day jokes and this was the E92 M3-based BMW pickup truck. To our surprise, the model was well received by the BMW community. At the time, the automaker had no plans to launch the model, but we are sure the BMW bosses have already changed their mind and now they are thinking of creating a good pickup truck.

Last year the BMW Asia, Pacific, and South Africa boss Hendrik von Kuenheim said that BMWis "definitely not" building a truck. In contrast to these words, the Australian Marketing Manager Marc Werner made us understand that everything is possible. The thing is that the automaker has a serious competitor – Mercedes-BenzMercedes have been making cabs, vans, trucks and even unimogs. It has recently been announced that it will even make a pickup truck.

Bentley Mulsanne may go all-electric by 2018!

A lot of automakers are concerned about the increasingly strict demands of global emissions regulations. More and more big cities suffer from the air pollution, that is why automakers are interested to launch more all-electric vehicles and they are confident that this can increase the brand's sales.

Hans Holzgartner, manager of Bentley Mulsanne product and marketing, said that the company may soon have difficulties selling a V-8 powered Mulsanne because government regulators are attempting to push more zero-emissions vehicles to combat smog problems. Hans Holzgartner realizes that the switch to all-electric models may be a challenge for Bentley, as the company wants its models to remain enjoyable to drive. He also considers that electric is much better suited to heavier and bigger cars.

Find more here: Bentley Mulsanne may go all-electric by 2018!

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The main reasons green car' sales don't work for U.S.

The main reasons green car' sales don't work for U.S.By asking the electrified car owners why they consider they have made a good choice by buying a green car, you will hear many reasons which will justify it. Most of the owners are pretty convinced their plug-in hybrid have all of the positive attributes they were going for. In 2015 the U.S. purchased 17.39 million passenger cars and light trucks, 43,143 of them were plug-in hybrids, or 0.25%, and 71,105 were battery electric, which is 0.41%. Plug-in market share in June 2016 wasn't really better than two years ago, but it doesn't change the fact that people never regret buying a hybrid. Here are some reasons why plug-in cars can't recover for now.

Low gas prices- It's not a news for anyone that the gas has reached a low point which is of course great for diesel car owners, and another impulse to get a truck, SUV, and a larger more gas-consuming vehicle. GM's executives and media personnel were emphasizing gas is not as much a factor for those who wish to avoid gas altogether. They think people buy such vehicle not because of their price, but we are pretty convinced that it is one of the reasons.

Fake or not, this Porsche Carrera RS Replica is up for auction!

Fake or not, this Porsche Carrera RS Replica is up for auction!:

We've already told you about the long awaited Mecum Auction and many of its special cars and super cars that are going up for auction, what we didn't know before is that this enchanted Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 Replica will be one of the lots too. Yeah, we think this classy is cool enough to make any classic car lover go for it, and fight with each other with high offers at the auction.

 We consider it one of the most desirable version of all vintage 911s owing to the looks, all the performances and even the fact that it's like a grandfather to the modern GT3 and GT3 RS models, make it more special to potential buyers, then we can imagine. You might not heard of that before but the particular RS 2.7 is actually a 1978 911 Coupe “Built to replicate a 1973Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 RS. The color of it is also a big plus, considering it's the most coolest period color for this model, except maybe only yellow. With a 3.0 liter engine and afive-speed gearbox it is ready to show off all it has. If you think of some modifications the car has suffered through the its long existence then we'll tell you everything was done for its best, for example Bilstein shocks, 8-inch rear and RS style sport seats, RS style door cards, RS style rear seat delete, a short shifter, an M&K sport exhaust and 930 brakes.