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Nissan prepared for U.S. sales to go down!

Nissan prepared for U.S. sales to go down!:Nissan may have gotten huge North America profits but it didn't stop the company from feeling concerned.The extra car sales are being appreciated a lot by CEO Carlos Ghosn but does it mean now they depend too on the U.S.? The company needs to rebalance its global footprint to tap other profit centers. 

The company isn't planning to reduce the profit on North America but simply wants to find some new pillars of profit by the time the auto sales in North America go down. The company realizes that the economy of U.S. started to slow down and the country won't bring profits forever.

5 Convertibles To Buy This Summer!

5 Convertibles To Buy This Summer!The summer is almost here which means it's time to buy a cool convertible. We have prepared for you a list of 5 convertibles, each of them, might be a great option for everyone.

2016 Mini  Cooper  S  Convertible- the base price for the model is $30,450. The inline-three in regular Cooper is perky and has an offbeat, enticing growl. The engine is sampled in the Hardtop and knocks $3,650 of the Cooper S price, you have as a $500 option some great Dynamic Dampers. The I3 represents a 55hp downgrade, but it with manual is good for a 8.3 second run to 60 mph.

2017 Land Rover  Range Rover Evoque Convertible- The canvas roof furls behind rear seats in 18 seconds and will deploy at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. This model isn't just another convertible it's a four seasons convertible, it's a combination of design leadership and world-class engineering. A 240-hp turbo four with a nine-speed automatic and a firm suspension give it the moves to match its sporting character, but the ride is often harsh and raucous. The price for this vehicle is $42.470.

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Lotus Elise beats Bentley Bentayga and other popular cars!

Lotus Elise beats Bentley Bentayga and other popular cars!Do you know which sport car has been crowned as first on the list of 50 best cars to drive? It's the British-built lightweight Lotus Elise. In a list of 50 vehicles chosen by experts and judges this model has beaten up all the popular and super-expensive cars.

 It's funny considering it costs around £29,900 and £49,950 and is able to accelerate to 60mph in only4.2-6 seconds, depending on the model. This vehicle can be literally called as one of the best in the world and the best in the UK. Considering it was voted by tens of thousands of motorists Lotus Elise for sure clinched one of the top awards in the Autocar Awards.

The Lotus Elise is a two-seat, rear-wheel drive, mid engined roadster conceived in early 1994, and released in September 1996 by the British manufacturer Lotus Cars. The design suggests Toyotainfluence, rather than something from the land of steak-and-kidney pieand.

10 Cars You Need To Consider On Memorial's Day Weekend!

10 Cars You Need To Consider On Memorial's Day Weekend!Memorial Day isn't just a holiday people like celebrating with family and friends by going on road trips or barbeques, it's an additional day for getting a new carThere are three major holidays when customers usually go to dealerships and make some car shopping, Memorial Day is one of them, the list also includes Labor Day and July 4th.

 If this Memorial Day goes well, as dealers and car makers plan than this May could be one of the strongest selling months of the year. If you plan on going to a dealership, or buy a car online you'd better be armed with research on what you need and how much are you willing to pay for it. Consumer Reports shared a pick of 10 vehicles with good discounts available this weekend. All of the vehicles are tested by many drivers and are recommended.

The list begins with- 2016 Chevrolet Traverse. It offers a very comfortable ride and secure handling. The car has a 3.6 liter engine V6, that makes it strong and powerful. At the same time the car is fuel-efficient, it will make an economy of 16 mpg. The base price you'll have to pay for it starts at $28,700.

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Have a great Memorial Day 2016! 
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Before you go car shopping on this Memorial Day weekend, take a visit to RepoKar.com and check out the huge inventory of affordable cars our auto auction has to offer.

First Flying Car by the time of 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

First Flying Car by the time of 2020 Tokyo Olympics!You might have already heard about the team of Japanese engineers that are working on aflying car, well now they revealed their goal to launch it in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The super vehicle called Skydrive, has three wheels a motor and four rotors, that will enable it to land vertically from public roads without the need of a runway.

The vehicle will only measure 9.5 feet by 4.3 feet, and will be the world's smallest driving car, with a target top flight of 62 mph, and will travel up to 32 feet above the ground. The team of 20 engineers and designers is headed by Tsubasa Nakamura, 31, from Mikawa in Aiichi prefecture.Their goal of proving a brand new form of personal transport to help avoid disruption caused by Japan's earthquakes, brings us to the idea that the future we've only seen in Hollywood movies is already here.

271.000 Ford F-150 get recalled after 9 crashes!

271.000 Ford F-150 get recalled after 9 crashes!Can you guess which company is recalling next? Well, this might sound a bit strange but Ford Motor Co. is recalling nearly 271,000 previous-generation F-150s. It took the company dozens of complaints about front brake failures, nine crashes and a three-month investigation by federal safety regulators to realize there is something wrong with the models.

As Ford said the problem involves fluid leaking from the master brake cylinder into the brake booster, it results into reducing braking ability. As the owners complained it was hard for them to stop the car even if they were pressing the brake pedal all the way to the floor. None of the drivers had been injured, but the crashes are still potentially linked to the problem. The dealers will replace the master cylinder in case they will find any signs of a leak. All of the affected cars are equipped with a 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine

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Mad Men 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible for auction!

Mad Men 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible for auction!:  Have you been watching AMC's tv series Mad Men? Well for those who did, you probably still consider Jon Hamm's character a jerk, we do agree with you but you can't deny that Don Draper's 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible is amazing.

 Only 922 droptop Imperials were manufactured back in 1964, and one of them is this. This land yacht is up for auction, as a part of  “Mad Men” sale. Just like Roger Sterling's Ray-Bans or Draper's copy of Dante Alighieri's Inferno, this Imperial has a big part of the show, and is a Mad Men star. The auction page informed us that there a fewer than 200 vehicles of this model, which means that even without its Hollywood provenience it's a rare vehicle.

California New Auto Sales Continuous Growth!

California New Auto Sales Continuous Growth!There might be a problem this month with new auto sales but not when it comes to California. The registrations for new cars sold first months this year, exceeded 500.000, which is a 3.8% improvement comparing to last year. 

It's a 22nd consecutive year-over-year increase in quarterly registrations, which of course is great news not just for carmakers and dealers, but for costumers too. We are pretty sure the state will top 2 million new vehicle registrations for the second straight year.

Brian Maas, the president of the California New Car Dealers Assn. said California is a car state, and we believe that since the car sales results are this good. The average vehicle on California's roads is 11 years old, which is much higher than in other states. You might ask yourself now why are the auto sales going so well then.

Alfa Romeo and Maserati global sales will be steered by a Canadian

Alfa Romeo and Maserati global sales will be steered by a Canadian:

Bigland, head of FCA’s U.S. sales, was chosen to build up the Alfa and Maserati brands worldwide and will have to pit them against BMW and Mercedes.


The coolest Porsche autos at the 2016 Luftgekühlt event

The coolest Porsche autos at the 2016 Luftgekühlt event:

The 2016 Luftgekühlt car event gathered the coolest Porsche autos ever in Downtown Los Angeles about a month ago.


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The new Bugatti is on its way, and this time the company has many surprises!

The new Bugatti is on its way, and this time the company has many surprises!Bugatti is no more playing “Will they, won't they” with its potential customers, the company is back with a new car and this time it finally understood that the world needs something as sumptuous as Rolls-Royce Phantom, but with the driving dynamics and performances of a Bugatti.

After Bugatti's 1500-horsepower monster, the company is already looking for new options, now we know for sure that Bugatti wants a unique creation that might change the whole history of the brand. From Dürheimer's statement it's been clear that they are following a sequential pattern, and they aren't going to make two model lines. The company has 4 strategic alternatives and as Dürheimer says all of them are sensational.

People stay skeptical to self-driving capabilities of a vehicle!

People stay skeptical to self-driving capabilities of a vehicle!A study published today revealed that more than four out of five people would prefer not to ride in fully autonomous vehicles.

 Almost 50% of the respondents would like to drive in a simple vehicle with no self-driving capabilities, maybe just with partially self-driving or completely self-driving technology, it is what the results of the study from University of Michigan show. Only 6% of the participants at this study would like to drive such a car, while 39% of them prefer partially self-driving cars.

If we'd have to make some comparisons between the young drivers and the older ones, than the first category is more likely to drive the full self-driving cars. Still, not all of the young respondents gave this answer, but only 19% of them, their ages differ from 18 to 29. Partially self-driving cars are more loved by young people from 30 to 44, considering 43% of them said they would prefer partially self-driving cars, compared with 35 percent who said they favor vehicles with no self-driving technology.

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25 Cars We Are Really Waiting For!

25 Cars We Are Really Waiting For!Cars are a daily need now, you don't buy one just because you wanna be cool, you do it because you need it. Even so, each of us is trying to get the model that would fit his personality better. We are ready to wait a lot, until we find something we would fall in love with from the first sight. We hold on to our used-up or otherwise unsatisfying vehicles as carmakers trudge through the process of designing, engineering, testing, and producing the automobiles that hold enough promise to make another year in the Tercel worthwhile. We'got for you some promissory notes on the 25 cars that make extended stays in the vehicular waiting room.

Chevrolet  Camaro  ZL1- the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro offers a four-cylinder engine for the first time since 1980s, and its SLE handling package is now available for the V-6 model. ZL1 comes standard with a six-speed manual with active rev-matching capability, but it also will ge the first GM product that offers a 10-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Bugatti Chiron- has an 8.0-liter sixteen-cylinder engine utilizes four turbos to make 1500 hp and 1180 lb-ft of torque. The model will claim a top speed of 261 mph and will cost around $2 million.

The debut of the stunning Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept

The debut of the stunning Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato ConceptA unique collaboration between the legendary Italian design house Zagato and the British supercar brand Aston Martin has recently happened, having as a result an Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept. The remarcable auto made its debut this weekend at the prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este at Lake Como in Italy.

With a complete carbon fibre body shell and large one-piece panels, the Vanquish in Zagato trim benefits from more fluid lines if compared to the ordinary Vanquish. As with most Zagato models, the Vanquish features the iconic ‘double-bubble’. Zagato fit a set of round tail light reflectors that give a classic Zagato look. The wing mirrors are clearly inspired by the Aston Martin One-77.

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A speculated Honda S2000 by 2018!

A speculated Honda S2000 by 2018!A possible S2000 roadster is being speculated, while the rumors are still not confirmed an unnamed source says Honda is ready for a new model that might be on its way by 2018. The car in the picture above isn't the one we are waiting for, it's S660 the model sold only in Japan but because of its small measure, it turned out to be a bit disappointing.

Well, if you don't have big expectations than we'll remind you about the 2017 Acura NSX, it may not be perfect but still represents a unique platform and looks really good. Honda is probably trying to develop unique platforms for its sporty models which is great, considering there are no Honda models that could donate its underpinnings at this moment.

Though the company might be a bit under pressure from dealers over the lack of verve in the company's lineup we still have big expectations for this rumored model. The dealers are intosport cars, they want a retractable hardtop, with high-horsepower for $20.000, whichAmerican Honda Executive Vice President John Mendel says is hard to find.

U. S. auto sales fall this May!

U. S. auto sales fall this May!The days of auto sales increasing are reaching their end this month, at least that's what J.D. Powerand LMC Automotive think.

This May wasn't this friendly to new car sales, that is why they will fall down to 5.7% from the same month last year. The reason of such a decrease is partly because this year has two fewer selling days. That's how the seasonally adjusted annualized rate will slip to 17.4 million vehicles from 17.71 million in May a year earlier.

This April, had the same adjusted annualized results as this May may have. Because of these running sales, LMC had to lower its full-year U.S. sales forecast by 100,000 vehicles to 17.7 million. Even so, the results stay higher than the record of 17.47 million units set last year. The company also stayed to the supposed overall forecast in 2016, though it said that it will cut the retail sales by 200,000 light vehicles, it considers that an increase in fleet deliveries would make up the difference.

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Volkswagen asks for claims dismissal!

Volkswagen asks for claims dismissal!Federal California judge was asked by Volkswagen Group to dismiss some claims in a suit filed by the U.S. government over diesel vehicles that cheat pollution controls. After the automaker got sued in January, being accused of using illegal devices on 600.000 Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles, it is considered that these devices are hiding the real diesel emissions.

It's been said that VW defendants knew about the problem in 3.0 liter subject vehicles but they are still covering it. Are all of those 85.000 cars really inconsistent and lacking facts as U.S. claims, we don't know for sure yet!

GM will produce carbon-wheels!

GM will produce carbon-wheels!Do you know which company is planning on rolling out carbon-fiber wheels as optional equipment for its performance cars? General Motors revealed its plan, the timing is still unclear, though the idea might be a very good one.

This GM plan could possibly hit on Carbon Revolution, the Australian company that is already providing carbon-fiber wheels for Ford GT and Mustang Shelby GT350R. William Rodgers, admitted that cars like Cadillac V-Series are some great candidates to try this new plan on. Costumers will probably want to see it on ChevyCamaro and Corvette too, so who knows what GM will be doing next in order to surprise us.

Though carbon-wheels are already available in the aftermarket you can rarely buy them from an automaker. They might be expensive, but still lighter than other materials. GM thinks it may reduce the vehicles weight by 35 pounds

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7 Amazing Cars We Don't Buy!

7 Amazing Cars We Don't Buy!Just like everyone else I usually pay a lot of attention at cars that we call best sellers, and I've always asked myself if they are the best pick for everyone. When you want to buy a car don't you think first of all of these popular cars that everyone is talking about? We never look for other models that might be great, but we never heard about them.

Here's a list of seven amazing cars that despite weak sales, are worthy of serious consideration. Of course these cars have big discounts if you want to get one, that's the way their companies are trying to promote them.

Mazda Mazda 6, the midsize sedan with a price range between $25.000 and $35.000. It looks simply great and offers a near sport car-level handling plus excellent fuel economy. Until the end of April, only 14.000 vehicles were sold, which presents a mere 1,9% of the segment.

You can buy a Mazda6 instead of Honda Accord, if you were planning to do that. Both are polished handlers, but Mazda is still rated at 1 mpg better on the highway.

Prices for new cars will drop 4,2%!

Prices for new cars will drop 4,2%!New cars sold in U.S. in May and June will retain about 47,8% of their sticker prices, which is down from the current 52% value for three-year-old vehicles. Customers will have a strong credit availability, five years of high residual value retention rates are predicted thanks to increased demand for new vehicles, and of course the low prices for gas.

It's been revealed that for six straight years, U.S. light-vehicles sales have been growing, the record of 17,5 million vehicles sold a year ago is included too. Another 3,3% of sales grew were registered for first four months of this year, it's about 5,6 million vehicles.

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Playboy's girl got a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider as a prize!

Playboy's girl got a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider as a prize!Eugena Washington, a good looking model and actress from Palmdale, California, has been named Playboy's 2016 Playmate of the Year. The hottie didn't just get such an important title, along with it she received $100.000 as a prize and a two-year lease on the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider.

This car brings some classic Italian styling and performance to a new generation. It pays homage to the original, earlier model 124 Spider that was introduced to the world 50 years ago. The 2017 Fiat 124 Spider delivers some ultimate Italian roadster experience with driving excitement, technology and safety are both combined with this iconic Italian design.

An unique Porsche GT1 at Sotheby's auction!

An unique Porsche GT1 at Sotheby's auction!:If you're very lucky and have enough money than you can definitely be the owner of this Porsche 911 GT1. This is the only model converted for street use and will be sold at an RM Sotheby's auction in Monaco for $3,14 million ($2,77 million).

The same firm that converted McLaren F1 race cars for street use will now convert this Porsche, the company's name is Lanzante.This car had only two previous owners and it will be offered for the first time at a public event in Monaco. We are convinced the price of the car will only rise from year to year, and there will be many other costumers willing to own thissuper vehicleConsidering how much people appreciated the McLaren F1 and FerrariF40,while 911 GT1 is much rarer, we predict much-more popularity to this model.