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Chevy recalls 317.000 vehicles for a “weird” reason!

Chevy recalls 317.000 vehicles for a “weird” reason!It's been just a few days since we found out about Chevy launching a new model with a four-cylinder engine under its hood. The news were considered very good since the company didn't use a four-banger for 30 years, and now the company announced to recall some good models.

 This might sound strange, but Chevrolet is recalling more than 317.000 examples of Sonic 2013-2016, Trax 2013-2016, Spark 2013-2015, especially those equipped with the Bring Your Own Media audio system.
The problem of these cars is a simple one, this is why we called this recall “strange”. While waiting too long in between switching off the vehicle and opening the door, the vehicle may not alert the driver that the key is still in the ignition. That may lead to stealing the car, because it increases the chance of leaving the keys in the ignition.

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