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Happy Independence Day!

Car-liquidation.com wishes you a happy Independence Day! Consign us your car sales and feel free to spend this wonderful day with your nearest people! We are always ready to make your life easier!

Pagani is back with a new Zonda model!

Pagani is back with a new Zonda model!If you are trying to find out what's more resilient than the life of Pagani Zonda you might come to the answer that nothing compares to that. The point is that it's been almost 17 years since the last Zonda has seen the world and only now it got replaced by the actual Huayra. Yes, we do realize that the Zonda production has come to the end long time ago, but what's gonna be with its fans? We need another model, and we need it now!

Considering the thing that costumers were asking for another shot, the company has been thinking a lot at the idea of reviving the supercar. Meet the new Zonda MD, and see how it becomes one of the most wanted hypercars ever. We aren't sure what was the main reason of bringing it back, the long period of the old Zonda sticking around, the 100 sold units of Huayra, or the costumers' requests, all we are really sure about is that we'll see the new version very soon. Doesn't the new Zonda MD look stunning? We think it does, but the amazing look isn't the only thing the car must be proud about. The carbonfibre body is barely covered by a thin layer of blue paint, and you can see by that its glorious weaves underneath. Don't hurry up to say it look too similar to Zonda 760, only by comparing its roof scoop and massive rear wing, because it's still a unique model, with its own features. The 7.3 litre AMG-sourced V12, that kicks out 750bhp will give to its driver a chance to realize how amazingly powerful it is.

The U.S. auto sales are expected to fall down for the next 5 years!

The U.S. auto sales are expected to fall down for the next 5 years!:The U.S. auto sales have been told to slow down this year after 7 years of great results, but even so the car manufacturers and dealers have high expectations, and best hopes for 2016. The sales may have reached its peak but that doesn't mean they slowed down, they say, and they brought up good arguments on that considering Americans buy lots of vehicles nowadays.

A newly released report has not that great forecasts on U.S. light vehicle sales for 2017. The specialists say that sales will go down to 17.5 million in 2017, down slightly from this year's 17.8 million forecast. The consulting firm is expecting car sales to bottom at 15.2 million vehicles in 2018, and only after that in 2022 the sales may upturn to 16.8 million. This downturn will totally cap the industry's winning streak at seven consecutive years of growth. You may ask yourself now, what would be the cause of such a thing? The reason is simple but real, first of all let's remember about the soft used-car prices, the slow-growth economy and modestly higher interest rates. All of these will make a serious change in new car sales industry.

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Mazda G-Vectoring Control makes you a better driver!

Mazda's slogan sounds like "Driving Matters”. The company constantly offers the best-handling cars in their classes. This makes us understand that Mazda cares about drivers and their comfort. That's why the company's engineers worked hard to develop a new ingenious technology called G-Vectoring control.

G-Vectoring control is a new software, which makes your handling more professional. The new technology activates only when the car's on-board computer reads simultaneous steering and throttle input. Then the data is collected, which includes throttle position, steering angle, and, the most important thing, how quickly you are adjusting the steering angle. After that the data is funneled through an algorithm, which helps to reduce engine torque, which transfers vehicle weight. As a result, more grip is added to the wheels.

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The 2017 Porsche Panamera looks better than ever!

The 2017 Porsche Panamera looks better than ever!It looks like things are starting to solve for Porsche Panamera. Yes, we still remember the first generation of this model, and of course we weren't that enchanted by it, even if it was really fast and comfortable. We always knew the company missed many things while building the vehicle, that was the main reason why it didn't get much of success. This time, the manufacturer analyzed every mistake and every missing piece, and brought to us a stylish second-generation car.

What do you have to know about the 2017 Porsche Panamera? Well, first of all it looks wider, taller, more attractive, with a lower roofline that sweeps back toward the rear haunches with a pleasing arc. The styling might be linked a bit with 911 but don't get it wrong, it has nothing in common with that model. The whole body is made up of aluminum, except the optional large and the panoramic roof overhead. The interconnected design of taillights and the LED lighting elements front and rear look suitably up-to-date. If you are more interested in wheels than you must know that the buyers have a range from 19 inches to 21 from which they can chose the most suitable for them. We'd say that Porsche is recalling its current sports car with the new Panamera. If you look closer to the tachometer than you'll observe that it was designed to evoke the one in the 1955 356A, known as the Speedster.

More than 260 crashes got linked to FCA cars

More than 260 crashes got linked to FCA carsAfter the tragic death of Anton Yelchin, all of Fiat Chrysler's skeletons got out of the closet. The investigation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee models has started and it brought up some new proof on the fact that Grand Cherokee had some serious defects. U.S. safety regulators said on Tuesday that 68 injuries and 266 crashes on the same model were reported. All of the affected models had a type of gear-shifting control that has confused some consumers and led to rollaway incidents.

After that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that there were no deaths linked to the issue yet, of course except the death of Star Trek's actor. The accident is more than possibly related to the defect, which means it might bring up to some serious consequences for Fiat. More than 1 million vehicles were recalled worldwide by the company, 811,000 of them in the US market. NHTSA said that Los Angeles police is currently investigating the actor's case. More than 680 complaints linked to the recalled models were announced on the 2014-15 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2012-2014 Dodge Charger.

Volvo SUV proves safety of the world's highest glass bridge!

Volvo is very popular among American car lovers. This car brand is known for producing reliable and comfortable vehicles. People from other countries also like this luxury SUV and this can be proved by the fact, that the new Volvo XC90 was chosen to test the world's highest and longest glass-bottom bridge in China.

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Bridge has already attracted a lot of attention from travelers around the world. It was designed by Islaeli architect Haim Dotan. The Bridge is 430 meters long and 300 meters above ground. Its future visitors will be provided with a stunning view. Still, the most important thing is their safety.

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Acura NSX gets first place at Pikes Peak

Acura NSX gets first place at Pikes PeakHave you seen the new recently launched 2017 Acura NSX? We wrote about the new vehicle previously, about its special features and comfortable first drive. What we didn't know until now is that the car will get the victory in its North American racing competition debut.

It might be a surprise for many of us but this racing car climbed the 14, 115 foot pinnacle of Pikes Peak and clinched first place in the Time Attack 2 class at the 2016 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the 100th anniversary of the running running of America's second oldest race. Acura NSX is powered by Acura's revolutionary three-motor Sport Hybrid Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive powertrain, it is the first electrified torque vectoring powertrain in the world of sport cars. The car with added required safety equipment for competition, negotiated the 12.42 mile course in a time of 10:28.820 to win.

Volkswagen's huge settlement announced!

Volkswagen's huge settlement announced!The fuel-emissions scandal of Volkswagen continues. Did you know that Volkswagen AG's settlement for about 50,000 owners and government regulators over polluting vehicles is valued at more than $15 billion cash? That amount is very high even for such a powerful company as Volkswagen.

We will know more precisely about this settlement on Tuesday in Washington, when it will be announced that the company has to return to the owners $10.033 billion over diesel emissions of about 475,000 vehicles and approximately $5 billion in funds to offset excess diesel emissions and boost zero emission vehicles. The expected settlement is going to be more than $500 million and will push the total to over $15 billion. Volkswagen isn't commenting on these news yet but a source revealed that each owner of 2.0 liter diesel VW 2009-15 cars will receive at least $5,100 as a compensation along with the estimated value of the vehicles as of September 2015. Some owners will get $10,000 in compensation, it all depends on the value of the car.

The Volkswagen Driving Experience is back for 2016!

The Volkswagen Driving Experience is well-known around the world, as hundreds of people come to develop their motoring skills in a safe track environment. It is for confident drivers who wish to learn more about advanced driving techniques.

Last time the tickets for high-level driver training were sold-out in less than 30 minutes. Almost 1500 people showed their interest in taking part in the Volkswagen Driving Experience and have signed on to hit the track. This year participants get to drive the Polo GTI, Golf GTI, Golf R and Scirocco R.

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The historical Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition, gets updated!

The historical Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition, gets updated!Could you ever imagine that you'd hear from  Ford  about its amazing victory at Le Mans? Well, in the past the company was not just very lucky, but also had amazing racecars which took memorable wins, which must never be forgotten.

The 2016 running of the 24-hour endurance race was great, wasn't it? It looks pretty much like Ford throws it all the way back to 1966 for its new 2017 Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition. This black and silver livery reminds us of the GT40 Mark II which was driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon in 1966. It was exactly that year when the N.2 car came in first place, and it was followed by N.1 GT40 of Ken Miles and Denis Hulme. What is more important to know about this models is that each Edition will wear Shadow Black exterior paint, or a matte or gloss finish, of course there will be some silver stripes and Frozen White N.2 graphics added on the hood and doors. Those 20-inch forget aluminum wheels are all done up in a gold satin finish. The carbon fiber seats inside are covered up by some ebony leather covers, with some gold accents on the instrument panel. The manufacturer didn't forget about the seat X-brace, and shift paddles also. You have to pay attention at the blue seatbeats that pays homage to the 1966 racecar.

Mercedes will simplify the work for dealership employees

Mercedes will simplify the work for dealership employeesIf we go back to 2012 than we must remember about Dietmar Exler, the president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA spent a week in Louisiana, at Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge, he must have realized many things out there because he now certainly has serious plans about the company. Now he wants all top managers, on whom as he says depends the success of the brand in U.S. to experience the life in a dealership. Starting with this summer 35 senior managers will spend five-days stints in a dealership across the country.

The president is convinced that by immersing themselves in the daily work at a dealership, the executives will see how much the retailing depends on the decision these people make from their front offices. The managers must be found in every department in the store, they need to learn how to sell a car or how to write a service ticket, and of course they have to discover some ways on how to make the job simpler for dealership workers. This strategy might lead to better results and better customer experiences, more loyalty and higher sales for the brand.

Volkswagen is almost ready to meet future emissions standards!

At the company's annual meeting in Germany this week, Volkswagen Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller made a special announcement. He said that the company is planning to start installing particulate filters on their gasoline engines. Mercedes recently announced the same intention with some of its models.

On 18 September 2015, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)accused Volkswagen Group of using a "defeat device" in their diesel engines, which could be detected while being tested. The German automaker has sold about a half-million vehicles in the United States equipped with this device. VW pleaded guilty and now they decided to implement the particulate filters on their supercharged and direct injection gasoline engines to reduce the particulate pollutants. This will help to meet future emissions standards.

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The 2004 Ford GT CP-1 to auction this month!

Have you ever dreamed of buying the 2004 Ford GT 'Confirmation Prototype 1'? If you had no chance to do it before, now you have this opportunity. The CP-1, with the VIN #004, is a fully-functioning prototype of the last-generation GT. The CP-1 will be offered at the Barrett-Jackson auction house on June 25.

CP-1 is a piece of Ford history, as it wears the autographs of 13 members of the originalGT design team, including Bill FordCarroll Shelby, the GT's Chief Designer Camillo Pardoand Chief Design Engineers. In 2008, the 2004 Ford was purchased by a prominent GT collector, who is the author of the book on the reborn Ford GT. The auction description says that the car has spent the last several years in Ford'smuseum.

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The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT gets more explosive variants!

The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT gets more explosive variants!Have you seen the new Mercedes? What do we think about it? First of all it will definitely be at the top of the most wanted 2018 cars, but at the same time we needed to find out some more information on the model and if there are other models to come soon.

At the unveiling of the new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT R, the director of AMG GT has revealed that more models must be awaited in the nearest future. More additional future variants forstreet and track use were promised. Considering how great looks this green vehicle, what else could they prepare for us? The AMG GT4 racecar will sit below the GT3 customer racer and will split the difference between the new GT R and the GT3. Knowing that a race-ready AMG GT3 has a price tag of more than $400.000 made us think that the GT4 will be not so expensive, more approachable for the gentleman racer. What expectations do we have from the street-legal variants? Well it must totally have a convertible body style, it will double the number of roadgoing models, considering AMG builds droptop versions of the GT, GT S, and GT R.