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The historical Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition, gets updated!

The historical Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition, gets updated!Could you ever imagine that you'd hear from  Ford  about its amazing victory at Le Mans? Well, in the past the company was not just very lucky, but also had amazing racecars which took memorable wins, which must never be forgotten.

The 2016 running of the 24-hour endurance race was great, wasn't it? It looks pretty much like Ford throws it all the way back to 1966 for its new 2017 Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition. This black and silver livery reminds us of the GT40 Mark II which was driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon in 1966. It was exactly that year when the N.2 car came in first place, and it was followed by N.1 GT40 of Ken Miles and Denis Hulme. What is more important to know about this models is that each Edition will wear Shadow Black exterior paint, or a matte or gloss finish, of course there will be some silver stripes and Frozen White N.2 graphics added on the hood and doors. Those 20-inch forget aluminum wheels are all done up in a gold satin finish. The carbon fiber seats inside are covered up by some ebony leather covers, with some gold accents on the instrument panel. The manufacturer didn't forget about the seat X-brace, and shift paddles also. You have to pay attention at the blue seatbeats that pays homage to the 1966 racecar.

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