среда, 8 июня 2016 г.

Donald Trump criticizing General Motors for creating jobs in Mexico.

Donald Trump criticizing General Motors for creating jobs in Mexico.It's been not so long since we've wrote about Cadillac ending its Donald Trump sponsorship and PGA's World Golf Championship deciding to move in Mexico. In fact it's been just a few days since then, and U.S. Republican presidential candidate is already responding at this move. Mr. Trump criticized General Motors for investing in Mexico.

His campaign speeches say for itself, the presidential elections candidate suggests that Ford Motor Co. would back down from plans to expand in Mexico or face a 35% tariff on vehicle expandsFord isn't the only one criticized by him, United Technologies' Carrier had to suffer too, because of its shifting jobs to Mexico. The candidate says he's simply fighting back in order to achieve something for U.S., to bring jobs back to the country. All this powerful companies move to Mexico which is bad for Americans. Even people from his own party aren't agree with Trump's statement.

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