пятница, 10 июня 2016 г.

Tesla pushed a Model S owner to sign a confidential contract?

Tesla pushed a Model S owner to sign a confidential contract?If you're really interested in auto news than you've probably already heard the rumors flying aboutTesla Model S having some defects. The discussion started a few months ago on Tesla Motors Club forum when an owner of the model told about an early failure of his electric car's suspension arms. Now after many talks and debates a detailed recount of the situation was published blaming Tesla Motors for a secret deal with gpcordaro. The company has made a pact to keep things quiet and some of us may call it a crime but DK's headline says it's just “The Coverup”.

I guess, the only ones who have the right here to decide whether it's a crime or not, are consumersand of course the owners of Model S. The news are a bit upsetting of course, considering this year for the first time Tesla became a part of the top 10 list of the most popular auto brands, defeating even Lexus, and now the “past's skeletons come out of the closet”. 

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