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Despite the scandal Volkswagen has better sales than Ford?

Despite the scandal Volkswagen has better sales than Ford?Automakers will report the August sales this Thursday, and while many of us are expecting for them, we could not forget about those three leading industry analyst firms which are projecting year-over-year total sales decline ranging, between 2.1% and 5.2%. Both firms agree that Ford Motor Co. is on track to report the deepest decline.

A popular specialist from LMC automotive has predicted a drop of 5.2% year over year to 1.49 million units. The duo's total august seasonally adjusted annual rate estimate is 16.8 million units. The results expected are not so bad, but they are truly lower comparing to the same period last year with 17.79 million units. August retail sales is 13.2 million, compared with the year-ago rate of 14.2 million.Analysts from KBB see Ford with sales down to 6.8%, while Volkswagen's sales are expected to drop by 5.6%, also GM might have a decline of 5.4%. Other Analysts might say different numbers but they still come with a common idea of Ford' having lower sales.

6 Worst Cars Of 2016 According To Jeremy Clarkson

6 Worst Cars Of 2016 According To Jeremy ClarksonWe've already talked about the best cars of the year, and it's finally the time to mention the so called worst automobiles of 2016 according to Jeremy Clarkson , and again we've got some surprises for you.

Vauxhall Astra SRi NAV- this car might be good for some of us, for it's look at least but as a driver you're not gonna have any special feelings while driving it. Wanna sit down and just move around, than you can buy this model, but if you love driving as much as we do, you're not gonna like it.

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U.S. new car sales drop significantly!

U.S. new car sales drop significantly!This August's sales results are expected to be revealed soon, but before that we've already made some expectations which regretfully will become true. U.S. new vehicle sales will decline this month, which will mean the industry's chances of beating the full-year record set in 2015 will decrease.

The industry faces and uphill struggle to match last year's performance. The vice president of a popular forecasting Automotive companyJeff Schuster said in a statement that with the mixed economic signals, seems like the U.S. auto sales are certainly at the peak now. Even so, it is important to focus on the sustainable high level of demand.

The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado gets more power!

The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado gets more power!:Chevrolet knows how popular are trucks this year, and it tries as hard as it can to bring into the market what a car costumer desires. Even though its midsize pickup Colorado is only a year old, it already gets some important updates which are related to the power and drivetrain.

The new model will come with a slightly revised naturally-aspired V6, instead of a new visual cues. Chevy also made its in-house eight-speed automatic standard, by replacing the six-speed box. It will come outfitted with a new package and option bundling on the top of the motor. Since it is one of the best selling products, the company has decided to invest some more in midsize pickups, and introduce some new features for costumers. The customers now will have a better version of the Colorado with class-exclusive diesel engine, advanced technologies like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Mercedes starts a new program by changing head managers

Mercedes starts a new program by changing head managersMercedes-Benz USA is now making some major changes in its working plan, and most importantly it is shuffling some senior managers to new jobs. After it was revealed that its sales in the country were less than predicted, in order to fix the problem the most dedicated persons got higher positions in the company.

Bart Herring has become the general manager of sales operations, overseeing the development and implementation of all policies, programs and activities in support of new-vehicle sales and objectives. He will also head up sales volume planning. For a long time Herring was the general manager of product management, and will be replacing now Mike Nolte in the sales role. Nolte now will be the general manager for the central region in Chicago.

This flawless Fiat 124 Coupe could be with us by 2018!

This flawless Fiat 124 Coupe could be with us by 2018!Seems like Fiat is already working on its new Mazda-based sports car, by producing a hardtop variant within the next year or so. After the Geneva Motorshow were we've seen for the first time the 124 model, we have noticed that the brand is trying to distance from the MX-5 automobile, with a full production hardcore coupe.

We've been told that a fixed-roof 124 is being developed right now in Italy, and it could be revealed sooner next year. This time the car won't be based around the Mazda MX-5 RF's retractable hardtop and will instead be designed solely as a coupe from the get-go. We don't know anything about the engine it's gonna have, it could be a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine or the Abarth 178bhp unit, but this model could be the next top sports car in the automotive market.

3 Favorite Cars Of Horacio Pagani

3 Favorite Cars Of Horacio PaganiWhen it comes to Horacio Pagani he knows which cars are the best, and has great tastes in cars by the way. The second model ever made by the popular Italian boutique is considered to be one of the most attractive, it was able to get more popularity than even Zonda, yes we are talking about Pagani Huayra. Both are fast and engaging, and use V12 engines from the Mercedes-AMG models. Of course the power of these models is something we can't argue about, but what makes them more special is the design of cars. Mr Pagani even mentioned that between his most favorite cars a hot spot was took by Ferrari's from 1960s. Here comes a list of 3 vehicles the car designer loves the most.

Jaguar E-Type is one of the favorite non-Italian cars of Mr. Pagani. Originally introduced in 1961, this model using a E-Type front-engine, has a rear-wheel-drive layout with a 3.8-liter inline-six engine under its long hood.

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US car sales reached a peak, while global car sales rise!

US car sales reached a peak, while global car sales rise!Of course when we're talking about U.S. car sales we can say that even though they get higher, they have reached a peak, but speaking about the overall auto sales in the whole world we need to accentuate that it goes better than ever now. Global vehicle sales have risen 5% through July. This improvement reflects a modest acceleration among the G7, especially Western Europe, as well as rebound in purchases across emerging markets.

These gains are expected to moderate through the year-end, but specialists suggest us that this strengthening will continue through 2017 as well. Sales in Western Europe have advanced 7% through July, which is the strongest gain in nearly two decades. Considering the labour market is reducing unemployment at the fastest pace in nearly a decade, that is something expected to be followed by strong auto market interest. North American vehicle sales exceeded 20 million units last year for the first time on record and have increased an additional 3% through July. U.S. automobile sales rose in July to an annualized 17.9 million units- that's the highest level of the year.

Top cars of 2016: Consumers Pick!

Top cars of 2016: Consumers Pick!So many U.S. costumers seek to find the best car to buy, and they have some features which define they're top car in their minds before going car shopping. The buying decision factors not just in price but also in pure emotional appeal. Here are the names of cars which we define the best from consumer reports.

Best compact car “Subaru Impreza”, this model might be small but the car's ride and the overall comfort if offers will surprise anyone. The model comes with expansive window glass, and lots of interior space for a car this size. It has a suite of available safety technology,great crash-test results, and an available hatchback version. If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall you'll appreciate its superb all-wheel-drive traction.

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The most unique car models at Pebble Beach event!

The most unique car models at Pebble Beach event!Car enthusiasts and car lovers now what's the most expected car event of the year, don' they? Of course we're talking here about the Pebble Beach event. Here are some cars you could meet at the event, first of all let me say these models are completely different from the ones you usually see on the streets, and that's what makes them special: legendary classics,unique race cars and limited edition luxury cars, all of them only at Pebble Beach.

Look at the one of a kind Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, it was recently bought by a Saudi Prince along with a matching Chiron.
The next model is a Lamborghini Centenario Roadster, it was only revealed to the world last weak, but is already sold out.

US costumers revealed their favorite 2016 car brands!

US costumers revealed their favorite 2016 car brands!:For three years U.S. customers were revealing their dissatisfaction towards vehicle market, and now for the first time they say the auto industry starts to make discounts and offers they really like. In 2016 customer satisfaction is up 3.8% to a score of 82, on a scale of 100. The brand which took the hot spot with a score of 87, taking Lexus' place was Lincoln. The second place was won by Honda with almost the same score 86. Honda was followed by Toyota and BMW with a score of 85.

The driver satisfaction ratings used to be dominated by Luxury cars, but now the top tier has changed the direction and stands between mass-market and luxury automobiles. The rise of mass-market vehicles may well be at the expense of luxury brands in the sense that buyers now see little differentiation between luxury cars and regular ones. The question they seem to have is that if there's no much difference than why would they pay more?

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US small cars sales went down through last 2 years!

US small cars sales went down through last 2 years!A five year peak on car sales was reached last year. Even the sales of Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger had to suffer a 8.4% decline. You might start to worry about US's auto market, but that's not really the case since the drop matches more for small cars and not crossovers and SUVs, since they keep on growing. But what does the cool-down for muscle-cars in America mean?

Is there any deep meaning in this decrease? Well, customers who buy Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers do that because their interested in some modern evocations of the early 60's performance cars, and not because they really need them. Even luxury car sales have fallen 13% year to date in total market, and that's up to 1.1%. In 2015 muscle car-sales shot up 22.6% for the first seven months, while in 2014 these cars where almost the biggest part of the market.

5 Cars Which Got Even Better After Getting Downsized!

5 Cars Which Got Even Better After Getting Downsized!How many of you got disappointed in some good cars after they got downsized? We have many examples, which didn't reach our expectations also, but there are some models that got even better after. Downsizing started to dominate in the car industry, and due to the massive shift of emission laws and war on fuel consumption, even the powerhouses of the car market have decided to reduce engine displacement and turbocharge their powertrains.

Porsche 991.2 Carrera- one of the best examples of vehicles which got some changes and became better after. The model is famous now for its flat-six engine, since it slowly gained in capacity and power. Before the 911 Turbo you see on it now, it had a sole turbocharged sect of the rear-engined breed. Porsche blew away the critics for the 3.8 to 3-litres Carrera Smodels and put the effect of downsizing into perspective. The new Porsche was able to progress Porsche into a new era of performance.

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US auto market keeps it strong, but for how long?

US auto market keeps it strong, but for how long?:

The US is the largest auto market in the whole North America, that's why General Motors, Ford Motor, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are highly dependent on the US market for their largest chunks of revenue. Here's a closer look to the US auto sales data for July.
Total auto sales in the US stood at 1.51 million units, which was higher than the US vehicle sales of 1.50 million vehicle units in July 2015. In 2015 car sales have been at their peak, reaching the highest results with 17.4 million vehicles sold during the year. This was able to boost the confidence of automakers, but also it ignited a debate about US auto sales being at peak levels and the downturn might be really close. Honda Motor and Toyota Motor are two Japanese automakers which also have a good exposure in the country. In July, US vehicle sales remained strong and posted a SAAR of 16.7 million vehicle units in June 2016. The SAAR (seasonally adjusted annual rate) for 2015 was 17.5 million vehicle units. The July SAAR dates are the highest for 2016.

A super-special edition of Mazda MX-5 RF on its way!

A super-special edition of Mazda MX-5 RF on its way!:It seems like Mazda has decided to celebrate the launch of Miata by launching another limited edition model ”Mazda MX-5 RF”. It will only have 1,000 copies for the most loyal Mazda customers. When the brand introduced the RF model to the world this year at New York's auto show, with an Auburn nappa leather interior, crapped off by a black roof panel. Based on the Grand Touring trim level, the cars will offer precisely one choice for the lucky owner: manual or automatic.

Mazda MX-RF will offer its buyers only one option, and that's the choice between SKYACTIV-MT six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmission. The rest of the car is based on the Grand Touring trim level garnished with some exclusive touches such as Machine Gray Mettalic exterior color and blacked out-roof. Pricing for this special Miata will be announced over the coming weeks.

US truck sales continue to beat car sales in July 2016?

In July 2016, US truck sales stood at 0.92 million units, which is 8.7% higher than the 0.85 million units in July 2015. By contrast, US car sales in July 2016 fell to 0.58 million units as compared to 0.65 million units in July 2015. This car sales data suggests a YoY (year-over-year) decline of 9.8%. Let’s take a closer look.
The SAAR (seasonally adjusted annual rate) of US truck sales jumped to 10.91 million in July 2016, which was much higher than the SAAR of 10.1 million units one month previously. In July 2015, the SAAR of US truck sales was reported at 9.97 million vehicles, while the SAAR for US car sales SAAR fell to 6.83 million units in July 2016 from 7.56 million units in July 2015, but this was still higher than the 6.59 million units in June 2016.

Mercedes unveils Maybach concept car in all its retro-inspired glory!

When Mercedes put out teaser images of the sweeping roof line of the new Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept car we went along thinking there’s no way it’d look anything less than stunning. We were right. A handful of pictures of the Maybach have leaked early, ahead of a planned world debut on Friday. The new photos depict an extremely long, dramatic coupe with extraordinary detailing. At Pebble Beach this week, the Germans will show this vast Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Coupe, the name referencing its enormous six-metre length.
Only 10 words were available on the concept car ahead of its debut: “The hot and cool – almost 6 metres of ultimate luxury”. At 224 inches, it’s some two feet longer than an S-class coupe. It is also nearly four inches lower. The dimensions are extravagant, with an ultralong hood, the two-plus-two-seat cabin set far rearward, and an extended rear overhang.Mercedes says the proportions “recall the aero coupes of days gone by,” and indeed, the concept has a classic-era elegance about it. That vibe is reinforced by the gullwing doors, the split backlight, and the boattail rear. At each corner are 24-inch wheels with transparent panels based on the transforming, aerodynamic wheels of the Concept IAA Mercedes previously showed.

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4 Cheap American Classic Cars You'd Like To Buy!

4 Cheap American Classic Cars You'd Like To Buy!Don't you love patriot cars? Of course owning an American car, is what many of Americans want, but sometimes making a better choice becomes a real problem, since you have no Idea which one is better and cheaper. We have prepared for you a list of 4 cheap classic patriotic cars you need to pay attention at.

The first one comes the Charger's little brother ”Plymouth Duster”. For those who always complain of classic muscle cars being too heavy, you need to look at this beauty. You can even call it a cheaper version of Dodge Charger with 318, 340 and 360 cubic inch V8's standard at the same time. Of course you can complain now about the 427 Hemi's and 440 Magnum, but such a vehicle would weigh much more.

The catastrophe in Louisiana gets even worse!

The catastrophe in Louisiana gets even worse!We have told you about the Louisiana Disaster Which Killed People and Destroyed Houses and Vehiclesand now the dealerships association of the state announced how they are fighting the catastrophe back! Louisiana Dealers Association President admitted that 60 up to 80 auto dealerships got closed in the state due to the flood. The staff can't literally make it to the store, and of course people who can't even get out of their own apartments and houses. People aren't just dealing with losing their homes but also with losing their vehicles.

Some offices and dealerships are going through a hard time, telephones and computer systems don't work, while the association is trying to put it all together, and fix it. Four stores have lost their entire inventory, and it's unknown yet if these are the only stores with such results. The only fortune for the association is that a small number of area dealerships were took by water. The real effects will be seen after all the dealership employees and area families which lost their homes will be announced. Some dealership directors have admitted that many of their staff, have remained without places to live in. The first priority right now for everyone is to see the damages the flood has created to houses, and of course to people.

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5 Extremely Great Cars Of 2015 You Had No Idea About!

5 Extremely Great Cars Of 2015 You Had No Idea About!Wanna see which cars can be definitely called as the stars of the last year? All of the cars listed surprised even us, the automotive world must just take some notes right now.

Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport Recaro- that's the vehicles which starts our list, and let's agree that this version of the ND MX-5 with those extra kit and lower suspension, is so much better than the original one. It's organic and raw, what else do we need?
Alfa Romeo 4C- it could be called a bad car by many of us, and in some ways we are right. Of course, after so many motoring outlets have called this mid-engined Alfa unsuccessful, you can't do nothing but agree. And still, the flaws mean you're human right? It's pretty good considering it's an Afla.

Louisiana disaster took lives and destroyed thousands of cars!

Louisiana disaster took lives and destroyed thousands of cars!You have probably heard about the powerful flooding in Louisiana, the storms which began on Thursday, dumped more than two feet of rain in three days. Rivers from across the state slowly started to recede record high levels, and many vehicles got destroyed because of the disaster created. The concrete number of destroyed cars wasn't announced yet, but it's not a secret that hundreds of cars had to suffer.

The owners of these vehicles are protected by the law, which says the half of them will go back to dealerships. Through Monday were already reported 8.670 vehicle claims, because of the flooding, this number is expected to increase since some areas are still inaccessible. Among the hardest hit areas are Baton Rouge and Lafayette. After such events, there might be people who would like to sell vehicles like they are totally fine, but that shouldn't happen. The cars which have been through something terrible like this, and sold out like nothing has happened might become in the future the reason of someone's death.

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GM starts a new program to help its dealers!

GM starts a new program to help its dealers!It's been revealed, that General Motors has payed money to its dealers for 7 years already. All these years more than $5 billion were offered to GM dealerships, under the EBE program. But now, that most of them have done some shiny makeovers, there's no need to make some extra, right?
GM has decided to keep that spigot open for any of its ChevroletBuick, and GMC dealers who jump though the necessary hoops under the brand standards program called Essential Brand Elements. The cash will be an incentive for dealers to keep those stores modern with new video displays, instead of going toward ripping out walls and laying new tile. GM could pay around$100,000 for a dealership per year and $2 million for big stores, those money had to be used as financing for renovations, while many dealers have been simply using them to finance their store projects, and rolled the EBE money into their operations. Under the new program, dealers will still get $550 on average per vehicle shipped to them. Now that most of these dealerships won't have the heavy expense of major renovations, GM is gonna add some other elements to EBE, like requirements to operate a business-development center, according to a slide presentation from a webcast last week detailing the new program.

Porsche 991 Turbocharged Carrera or 996 Turbo?

Porsche 991 Turbocharged Carrera or 996 Turbo?We can't stop wondering where the progress has brought us, talking about the automotive world, have you at least made a comparison between BMW M3 and the E30 version? All those exotic cars from like 10 years ago, could easily get blown into the weeds if they could meet up a modern BMW hatchback. In order to show you that we've decided to make some comparison between these two models, Porsche 991.2 911 Carrera S and 966 911 Turbo.

By looking at its interior and design, you don't really find so many differences that could make one of them better. Of course there are some minor key differences, and some details like the 996's "fried egg" headlights, even so the 991 looks a bit more muscular, with those bulging arches and gob-full-of-grilles look, and of course the GT3 wheels on the 996. The older model feels a bit cheaper than the new one, even with the low miles on the clock, the interior feels a bit worn. The leather trim on the dashboard, leaves a weird bobbly effect. Of course, the quality seems worse, but the 3.6-litre twin-turbo flat-six is good enough to make you forget about that. The 991 model is very quick, while the 996 version after you press the pedal right to the floor in second gear, will make you feel like nothing is happening. But wait a second, and at 4000rpm, you'll get pinned back by the turbo and will go faster than ever. This power still isn't enough to overwhelm the four-wheel drive system.