среда, 24 августа 2016 г.

US car sales reached a peak, while global car sales rise!

US car sales reached a peak, while global car sales rise!Of course when we're talking about U.S. car sales we can say that even though they get higher, they have reached a peak, but speaking about the overall auto sales in the whole world we need to accentuate that it goes better than ever now. Global vehicle sales have risen 5% through July. This improvement reflects a modest acceleration among the G7, especially Western Europe, as well as rebound in purchases across emerging markets.

These gains are expected to moderate through the year-end, but specialists suggest us that this strengthening will continue through 2017 as well. Sales in Western Europe have advanced 7% through July, which is the strongest gain in nearly two decades. Considering the labour market is reducing unemployment at the fastest pace in nearly a decade, that is something expected to be followed by strong auto market interest. North American vehicle sales exceeded 20 million units last year for the first time on record and have increased an additional 3% through July. U.S. automobile sales rose in July to an annualized 17.9 million units- that's the highest level of the year.

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