среда, 24 августа 2016 г.

Top cars of 2016: Consumers Pick!

Top cars of 2016: Consumers Pick!So many U.S. costumers seek to find the best car to buy, and they have some features which define they're top car in their minds before going car shopping. The buying decision factors not just in price but also in pure emotional appeal. Here are the names of cars which we define the best from consumer reports.

Best compact car “Subaru Impreza”, this model might be small but the car's ride and the overall comfort if offers will surprise anyone. The model comes with expansive window glass, and lots of interior space for a car this size. It has a suite of available safety technology,great crash-test results, and an available hatchback version. If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall you'll appreciate its superb all-wheel-drive traction.

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