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Nissan loses, while GM wins!

Nissan loses, while GM wins!Many of us already know about  Nissan trying to press for more U.S. growth. It's been revealed that the automaker is also alienating some of its parts suppliers. A newly released annual survey shows Nissan sank into a virtual last-place tie with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

On the other side General Motors, improved significantly after Steve Kiefer got some great grades for his first year on the purchasing job after running GM Powertrain.

The ratings that result from the questionnaire proposed by a Detroit-area consulting firm- Planning Perspectives Inc., come as Nissan and FCA need to reshuffle their senior purchasing teams.
On March 25, Nissan announced about Rebeca Vest, the vice president of North American purchasing, being replaced by Hiroki Hasegawa, and on May 10, Tom Finneli got replaced by Scott Thiele as chief of North American purchasing.
Nissan is in the final 12-month stretch of its global Power 88 business plan, to increase global operating profits. While FCA lagged other automakers in annual surveys of supplier relations.

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