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7 Amazing Cars We Don't Buy!

7 Amazing Cars We Don't Buy!Just like everyone else I usually pay a lot of attention at cars that we call best sellers, and I've always asked myself if they are the best pick for everyone. When you want to buy a car don't you think first of all of these popular cars that everyone is talking about? We never look for other models that might be great, but we never heard about them.

Here's a list of seven amazing cars that despite weak sales, are worthy of serious consideration. Of course these cars have big discounts if you want to get one, that's the way their companies are trying to promote them.

Mazda Mazda 6, the midsize sedan with a price range between $25.000 and $35.000. It looks simply great and offers a near sport car-level handling plus excellent fuel economy. Until the end of April, only 14.000 vehicles were sold, which presents a mere 1,9% of the segment.

You can buy a Mazda6 instead of Honda Accord, if you were planning to do that. Both are polished handlers, but Mazda is still rated at 1 mpg better on the highway.

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