среда, 25 мая 2016 г.

California New Auto Sales Continuous Growth!

California New Auto Sales Continuous Growth!There might be a problem this month with new auto sales but not when it comes to California. The registrations for new cars sold first months this year, exceeded 500.000, which is a 3.8% improvement comparing to last year. 

It's a 22nd consecutive year-over-year increase in quarterly registrations, which of course is great news not just for carmakers and dealers, but for costumers too. We are pretty sure the state will top 2 million new vehicle registrations for the second straight year.

Brian Maas, the president of the California New Car Dealers Assn. said California is a car state, and we believe that since the car sales results are this good. The average vehicle on California's roads is 11 years old, which is much higher than in other states. You might ask yourself now why are the auto sales going so well then.

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