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Even the top 3 automakers have reached the peak

Even the top 3 automakers have reached the peakThis August the U.S. auto industry has posted a decline for the last month of the season, ending summer on a gloomy note. The customer demand has become to soften and that is why we have been expecting for such results. Even  , which is of course a b ad sign for the automotive industry, since they are the top three automakers in U.S.. Because of this, we have lost the chance on setting a new year-to-year record sales.

Almost all the carmakers missed estimates, as the long six years’ growth for the industry appeared to have come to a halt in August. Overall industry sales plunged 4.2% to 1.51 million vehicles. Of course, carmakers like General Motors, Ford and their Japanese counterparts did their best to post gains, and Chrysler even managed to register gains though it missed estimates. The seasonally adjusted annual sales for August came in at 16.98 million.

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