вторник, 13 сентября 2016 г.

General Motors started a new massive recall

General Motors started a new massive recall:

After GM finally admitted that 3.64 million vehicles in the U.S. are equipped with airbags, which could possibly not deploy, a large recall of it has started. People are afraid of crashes which might happen with anyone, and in a critical moment the airbags which need to deploy, won't.


General Motors was forced to announce a recall of numerous 2014-17 models, on which the issue needs to get fixed, because it could also disable seatbelt pretensioners. Of course, there are still some circumstances which remain as a mystery to us, for example why they have found out about the problem only now, and did somebody suffer from that already? This GM recall, isn't like the massive Takata recall, since the problem with these airbags is they simply might not work.

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