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Paul Walker's character is back in Fast and Furious?

Paul Walker's character is back in Fast and Furious?:It is absolutely clear already that the U.S. car market won't set another record this year, and will decline from 2015's record in the next few years, these words were finally told by the Honda Motor Co's top American sales executive.

But did you know that it probably wasn't the last time we've seen his character? Yes, it definitely wasn't, his brothers and Vin Diesel are in talks since earlier this year. They are thinking of reintroducing Brian O'Connor's character to the film series in a respectful manner that will serve as a further tribute to the popular actor. The filming procedure will most likely involve the same procedure and methods as have been used in the last film, with CGI and body doubles to step in for the deceased Walker. Paul's place will be took again by his two brothers Caleb and Cody. Caleb Walker said he had a call from Vin, and they discussed on this possibility for about an hour. The actor was asking for a blessing.

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