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2017 Audi Q5 first look review

The first Audi Q5 made a name for itself hitting a Goldilocks zone in the crossover segment and challenging BMWMercedes-Benz, and Lexus for supremacy in what would become one of the luxury market’s most important segments. The Q5 is already Audi’s best-selling vehicle globally, underscoring its importance to the German brand. Like its predecessor, the second-generation Q5 takes the Q7’s looks and tech, then distills it into a smaller package.
But unlike the Q7, the Q5 doesn’t look quite so dowdy in its redesigned body. We’ll attribute that to the smaller front and rear overhangs, which keep the Q5 looking like acrossover instead of a high-riding wagon. The face is mostly a carbon copy of the Q7‘s, with a prominent grille featuring a silver surround and flanked by a set of clean, stylish headlights. In back, the smaller Audi gets more expressive taillights that harken back to the first-generation model in their lighting signature. We aren’t really sure what Audi was going for with its two-tier rear bumper, but it doesn’t work and is inarguably the worst piece of an otherwise fashionable design.

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