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Nissan executive claims the company aims to launch a new EV

We guess most of you know that the Renault Zoe is a very popular electric vehicle in Europe. Renault’s ambition was to introduce a practical five-door hatchback with a quiet, smooth and green electric powertrain, well equipped interior and torquey town performance, all for a much more reasonable price than had been seen on other electric cars. Its main rival is the similarly priced and larger (yet not as well specced) Nissan Leaf. Still, the Renault Zoe gives buyers on the continent a zero-emissions option that’s smaller than the Nissan Leaf.
In the U.S. Nissan offers the only all-electric passenger vehicle, but the company might be taking a page from its corporate partner to offer a smaller Leaf in the near future. Gareth Dunsmore, Nissan EV European head, claims that Nissan is thinking about both a smaller EV based on the Zoe and larger, all-electric SUV/CUV. The company invested $5.4 billion in electric cars such as the Leaf. They want to be sure that they are satisfying as many types of customer as possible. He also added that looking towards crossovers or the B-segment for the next car could make perfect sense.
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