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Porsche targets on delivering around 600 Sport Turismos

Porsche targets on delivering around 600 Sport Turismos: In case you’ve been afraid for the future of Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, stop! We at RepoKar.com are pretty sure it’s gonna be bright, cause the order rates are going by. US buyers are choosing the “niche within a niche” wagon so often that the model now makes up 10 per cent of all Panamera orders – right at the upper edge of Porsche’s most hopeful estimate when the car was launched to the press.


The UK’s order books aren’t quite open yet, but Porsche GB has told us that a proportion of 10 per cent is about what they’re hoping for. With fast estates having a bit more of a history and following this side of the Pond, we’d expect Porsche not to be disappointed. Deliveries of the unusual estate will start in the first quarter of 2018, and in the US it will be followed by the first Panamera with a conventional rear bench seat, in response to dealer feedback that customers were bypassing the brand in search of luxury five-seaters from rival car makers.

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