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DSD Design Motorsport launches its first hypercar: The Boreas

DSD Design Motorsport launches its first hypercar: The Boreas: There’s a new Spanish firm called DSD Design Motorsport and it comes up with a surprise for the car enthusiasts a new hypercar, and if we judge by these pictures than the car is almost done. Named after a virile Greek god, the Boreas claims some serious numbers


It’s all very interesting because the company behind Boreas, according to their Instagram, is more like a start-up that would make smartphone apps or mobile games to rival Candy Crush. But they have gone and made this rather magnificent thing and they seem serious about putting it into production. While official details have not yet been confirmed, the Boreas wish list includes a hybrid powertrain with a beefy engine and electric motor that generates one thousand horsepower, offers selectable four-wheel-drive, and iseven capable of driving for a bit solely on electricity.

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