четверг, 28 сентября 2017 г.

3 Best Family Cars for 2017

When we decide to buy a good family car we always want it to be practical, cheap to run, good to drive, well equipped and good value for money; in other words, it needs to be good at everything. Here are the best family cars to buy.
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
That we had a difficult time deciding between the Pacifica Hybrid and the Honda Odyssey shows just how far Chrysler has come with its new minivan. On its own, the Pacifica minivan is very, very good. It’s a phenomenally useful package that’s prettier than any minivan needs to be with interior materials and build quality that rival the best in class. The power sliding doors and liftgate that seem silly to your younger self are transformative when paired with an armful of wriggling baby. But that’s old hat for minivans, what really sets the Pacifica apart is the powertrain. Read more

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