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Mitsubishi Eclipse: The Compact SUV with a controversial name

Mitsubishi Eclipse: The Compact SUV with a controversial name: Nowadays it’s hard to built a car and promote it correctly without being bombarded by compact SUVs, so this is the new Mitsubishi with a controversial name that will maker your heart flutter. Mitsubishi has recycled the Eclipse name, as you probably already know, and the newcomer hasn’t been made entirely welcome. Whereas the late-1990s 2G version became a cult classic in the eyes of JDM fans and tuners, this is a compact SUV. Damn it, everything these days is a compact SUV.


So here we are, embarking upon this new and very different voyage into the Mitsubishi Eclipse(Cross). You’ll have to pay at least £21,275 for the entry model when it comes to the UK in January, for which you’ll get an Eclipse Cross 2.

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