четверг, 14 сентября 2017 г.

Aspark Owl: The car which deserves much more attention

Aspark Owl: The car which deserves much more attentionOf course that at major auto shows such as the one which took place this weekend in Frankfurt, people mostly look at the most popular car brands, but you know what? Sometimes the most obscure motors deserve even more attention, that’s exactly what this Aspark Owl is about.

Take the Aspark Owl for instance. Competing with ‘Thunder Power’ (yes, that’s a real company) for the worst car name at Frankfurt this year, it’s an electric hypercar which – incredibly – is just 39 inches tall. Yep, an inch shorter than the spectacularly low-slung Ford GT40. Under its carbonfibre skin you’ll find an electric drivetrain – the details of which haven’t yet been divulged – that’s good for 1000bhp.

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