вторник, 8 августа 2017 г.

Toyota and Mazda join forces?

Mazda and Toyota are going to be working a little more closely with each other. In their announcement, the two car companies said they’d be building an American assembly plant together, and working on electric vehicle technology. But one of the companies’ goals got our mental gears turning: It’s listed as “Expand complementary products,” and it’s left very open-ended.
The companies say they will further explore the possibilities of other complementary products on a global level. These are in addition to Mazda providing the Mazda2 to Toyota as the Yaris iA, and Toyota providing Mazda a commercial van to sell in Japan. So what could these future complementary products be? What’s the one thing Mazda fan has been wanting for years? Arotary sports car, of course! Read more 

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