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July car sales figures: just some hidden fun facts

July car sales figures: just some hidden fun facts

Every month, automakers release their sales numbers, and there are always some interesting tidbits buried in the myriad spreadsheets and digits.
The Bolt EV reached a noteworthy milestone — it outsold the Corvette, despite not being available in all 50 states yet.
Every Fiat model sold worse this July than last, and the 500X had the worst drop.
Even though it’s on the way out, the Dodge Viper posted a July increase from 49 to 56 cars.
The numbers show the brand needs more crossoversCadillac also sold two of the discontinued Volt-based ELRs and an equally discontinued SRX.
July was good for Ford crossovers, with the EscapeEdge, and Explorer gaining, along with the F-Series,but overall sales were slightly down for the brand.

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