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Maserati going all-electric in 2 years

Maserati going all-electric in 2 years: There are many automakers nowadays switching to the safe electric side, and we can’t ignore that. Maserati has promised that all its new Maseratis will be part-electric starting with 2019. It seems like Maserati is going to be the end of conglomerate’s push towards electrification, Ferrari by the way will follow up.


The first all-new fully-electric Maserati won’t arrive until 2020, based on the Alfieri concept of 2014. Before then, 2019 should see all existing product lines fitted with electric motors in as-yet unconfirmed configurations – although the Levante SUV is understood to be heading for plug-in hybrid status. Maserati’s range also contains the new-but-not GranTurismo, the Quattroporte and the Ghibli, plus the GranCabrio convertible.

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