четверг, 24 августа 2017 г.

South Korea reject the U.S. trade deal

South Korea reject the U.S. trade deal: U.S. made a proposal to South Korea to revise the five-year-old trade deal, but the country rejected it. The U.S. asked for resolution of its trade imbalance, full implementation of the existing FTA, and modification and amendment of the current deal. The officials spoke amid joint meetings in the South Korean capital after Lighthizer last month gave notice that the U.S. wants to amend the deal.


No date was set for a future meeting on the issue, discussions will continue in coming weeks. The agreement could be terminated if either nation said it wanted to do so. That process would take 180 days. In June, Trump told South Korean President Moon Jae-in that U.S. automakers should have a “fair shake” for better car sales.

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