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Hyundai Motor plans to grow its US sales with a new pickup truck

Hyundai Motor plans to grow its US sales with a new pickup truck: As part of the broader plan to catch up with a shift away from sedans Hyundai Motor plans to launch a pickup truck in the United States. Hyundai's top management has given the green light for development of a pickup truck similar to a show vehicle called the Santa Cruz that U.S. Hyundai executives unveiled in 2015.


Hyundai currently does not offer a pickup truck in the United States. Hyundai plans to launch a small SUV called Hyundai Kona in the United States later this year. People familiar with the automaker's plans said the pick-up truck is expected to be launched in 2020. Hyundai plans to introduce three other new or refreshed SUVs by 2020. Hyundai's U.S. dealers have pushed the company to invest more aggressively in SUVs and trucks as demand for sedans such as the midsize Sonata and the smaller Elantra has waned.

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