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McLaren 720S goes all-purple

McLaren 720S goes all-purple:The well-known car collector Michael Fux has one more beauty to be proud of in his garage, an amazing McLaren 720S in a perfect purple paint. Just by looking at these pictures, you could easily understand that this is the most eye-popping McLaren 720S you’ve seen yet.


It’s finished in ‘Fux Fuchsia’ paint to be precise, a colour originally created for Fux by Rolls-Royce, before being “redeveloped” by McLaren Special Operations for this 720S. In addition to the in-yer-face finish, there are also Fux Fuchsia details on the wheels, and around the white leather interior. Mr Fux has also rather bravely specced white Alcantara floor mats. That said, a spare set of untarnished shoes kept specifically for the car isn’t exactly going to be something beyond the man’s means.

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