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The wave of off-lease vehicles will be here in 2018

The wave of off-lease vehicles will be here in 2018: The U.S. marketplace gets new opportunities thanks to the wave of off-lease vehicles which is expected to hit the used market in 2018. Analysts who track U.S. retail auto sales and lease penetration rates say that the vast majority of leases that originated in 2015 will end in 2018 and include notably more crossovers, SUVs and high-end models.


By most counts, 3.9 million light vehicles are expected to come off leases in 2018, roughly 300,000 more than in 2017. The used-vehicle market already has more late-model, lower-mileage units — and fewer of the 5- to 8-year-old models that basic transportation buyers go for. That will favor franchised dealerships over independents.

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