четверг, 9 ноября 2017 г.

ATS GT Deserves its $ million price tag

ATS GT Deserves its $ million price tag: When a new supercar out there comes with a $ million price tag we can not do anything but be skeptical, after all many have tried to be the new Ferrari before and claimed big things, but no one remembers them today. But in the case of the new ATS GT one cannot help thinking here’s something.


Part of that could be because of the brand itself. Dating back to the 60s, the Italian firm was set up by a bunch of ex-Ferrari engineers and technicians. Now that is always a good starting point. But the resurrected model does not rely solely on the merits of its ancestors,namely theATS 2500 GTS. It’s a bloody good supercar in its own right with the looks and power and exclusivity to back up the name.

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