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As brand hype for

As brand hype for Last Jedi begins, Nissan starts Star Wars campaign: The new Star Wars movie will hit the theaters in a month and a half, but its carmaker partner Nissan is already seizing on the hype. The automaker on Friday will debut the first TV ad in what will be an aggressive campaign that links its driver-assistance technology to the droids that help steer the spaceships in the movie.


This year the automaker will not enjoy the coincidental benefit of sharing a vehicle model name with the movie title, as it did with Nissan Rogue. But Nissan sees an opportunity in tying Star Wars' sci-fi and pop culture credentials to its driver assistance technologies, which it brands Nissan Intelligent Mobility. The features are a precursor to fully self-driving cars. The first ad, described as a "teaser," plugs "the technology of the future now within reach," while promoting the film.

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