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The legendary Toyota FJ40 is back under another name

The legendary Toyota FJ40 is back under another nameIf you love the legendary Toyota FJ40 than you’ll love reading this news, one of the first Toyota cars gets a potential successor next month at the New York Auto Show. Toyota promised to bring something called FT4X concept to the popular car show, and dropped a key statement that made us realize where it’s going to "Four Wheeling. Scene Stealing”, what else do we need to guess what the automaker is up to?!

What does that mean? An FJ40 off-road-themed successor makes the most sense, though Toyota didn't specify what kind of vehicle the FT-4X concept is. The automaker also released an image of an off-road wheel measuring 225/55R18 set in Goodyear rubber.Toyota built the retro FJ Cruiser – a successor to the FJ40 – from 2006-2016, with US sales ending in 2014. With a new Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco in the works and sport utility sales remaining hot, adding a dedicated off-roader could be a savvy move for Toyota.

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