понедельник, 27 марта 2017 г.

Online car shoppers fighting for leads with traditional dealerships

Online car shoppers fighting for leads with traditional dealershipsShopping sites become platforms for car purchasing? Dealership groups embrace the concept of consumers buying vehicles online. Some use shopping portals from tech companies have developed their buying sites in-house.

Meanwhile, third-party stalwarts are considering a future where they could go beyond their current roles as inventory hubs and gateways to dealership sites. This evolution would allow consumers to browse listings, settle on vehicles and then close deals using buying tools on third-party sites, without necessarily visiting a dealership's site. Such a move would require third-party platforms to redo their plumbing and form new partnerships with players such as finance companies, which would be needed to handle the credit-approval process for consumers. And they would have to get dealers to agree to sell vehicles on these sites in the first place.

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