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The 2017 Mercedes AMG GT Four-Door Concept

The 2017 Mercedes AMG GT Four-Door ConceptConsidering the fact that Mercedes-Benz is following an expansionist approach it’s no wonder that they are adding another AMG GT to the list of cars built. The sports car has a great history of success and it can be compared to the success of Porsche Panamera, that’s why we’ve seen its new four-door concept announced at Geneva Motor Show. The production version will get its own AMG GT designation.

Although the idea of stretching the AMG GT and adding two more doors may not seem like that much of a hassle for Benz, we are going to have to wait a fair bit of time before Mercedes AMG GT Four-Door hits the streets as a production model. For one thing, the concept looks too, well, concept-y which means it is more an experiment for now than a pre-production preview. You got those fancy design details and you got the EQ Power+ drivetrain system – all too futuristic for 2018.

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