вторник, 17 января 2017 г.

Is the Faraday Future FF 91 realistic?

Some of you would like to know whether everything you hear about the Faraday Future FF 91 is real or not. In fact, opinions on the feasibility of the FF 91 are mixed. There’s no question that the automaker’s message team is relentlessly positive, but that’s often a sure sign that you should put on your skeptical spectacles and take a closer look. There are still the side mirrors – or, actually, the side cameras. Hugely popular with the concept car set, side cameras are still not approved in the U.S. for production vehicles, so that’s at least one thing that FF will have to change before bringing the FF 91 to market. Either that or get the law changed.
FF has a mounting pile of problems, from the departure of executives to the failure of the FF 91 to park itself during a live demonstration at the CES reveal event. While the company did succeed in an unverified time trial between the FF 91 and a Bentley Bentayga, a Ferrari 488GTB, and a Tesla Model X during the launch event, that’s not enough to cancel out the technical failure on stage. FF needs to keep the good news items coming, because the biggest real-world problem the company faces is the slow progress of its Nevada factory. Read more 

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