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Apple sued for not preventing people from texting while driving

Apple sued for not preventing people from texting while drivingApple is facing a lawsuit in California for declining to deploy technology that could prevent iPhone users from texting while driving. The complaint claims that Apple has had the ability to block texting capabilities while someone is driving since 2008, and seeks to halt all sales of the iPhone until the tech giant installs the preventative software.

The plaintiff, Julio Ceja, was injured in a car accident by another driver who was using her iPhone. The proposed class action seeks to represent all California residents. The lawsuit isn’t the first time Apple has faced legal trouble over texting and driving. A product liability lawsuit filed in a Texas federal court in July 2015 claimed that Apple could have prevented a crash that killed two people and paralyzed a child if it had blocked drivers from texting. The case was recommended for dismissal in a preliminary hearing in August.

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