воскресенье, 18 декабря 2016 г.

The Evolve Automotive BMW M2 GTS is inspired by the M4 GTS

One of the nicest and most thoroughly tuned M2s at this year’s Essen Motor Show was the Evolve Automotive BMW M2 GTS. Inspired by the M4 GTS, this little beast comes with an aero kit a bit too large for its body, but it pulls it off with a healthy can-do attitude. 
Built in collaboration with CarbonFiber Dynamics who supplies the best aftermarket parts for styling upgrades, Evolve Automotive BMW M2 GTS marks itself aside from the other million modded M2s that are popping up all over the place by virtue of an extra-large front splitter that sits on the bumper enhancing not just the downforce, but also the air flow, not to mention the looks. It is complemented out back with a GTS adjustable rear wing, itself accompanied by a carbon rear diffuser insert on the bumper.Read more 

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