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Mercedes-Benz launches a stunning SLC convertible

Although it will not be present when the public enters the Paris Motor Show this weekend, Mercedes-Benz exhibited their new convertible at a special media event the night before the show’s opening: a drop-top version of their audacious, overtly phallic, two-seat sports car.Mercedes-Benz design director Gorden Wagener said that originally they didn’t plan to build this car.
The newest open-air Benz is fun, fast and – here’s a surprise – affordable, certainly more so than you’d expect from the German car brand. $70,900 (excluding dealer and on-road costs) will get you behind the wheel of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz SLC, which is now rolling out to dealers. That’s a chunky $16,300 off the previous SLK 200 base model. Yet this mid-life makeover of the SLK – which now bears the SLC moniker, in a nod to its C-Class underpinnings – also adds plenty of features to the folding hardtop roadster to help it line up against rivals such as the BMW Z4 and Audi TT.
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