среда, 12 октября 2016 г.

Are you ready to pay $1M for this rare Tesla Roadster prototype?

We guess that some of you may have forgotten about the Tesla Roadster. Before the relative success of Model S and Model XTesla put into production this little beauty. TheRoadster was essentially a reworked Lotus with an electric drivetrain and a few other features that differentiated it from its British counterpart. Production only lasted four years, and during this time the company managed to move 2,450 cars in over 30 countries.
Before the model was allocated for sale in the USTesla produced the example you see here: a prototype. It’s just the 32nd example built by the company (only 33 prototypes were made in total), and was used extensively as a marketing tool. Just a smidge over 18,000 miles read on the odometer. Now you can find it on eBay. It seems that it would be a perfect addition to any Tesla enthusiasts collection, but there is a catch. The seller won’t sell it for less than $1,000,032. As we know, vintage Ferraris are going now for $15M+ and this should convince potential buyers that the demanded price for this vehicle is not as high, as it seems to be.

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