пятница, 4 мая 2018 г.

SureFly finally takes its electric helicopter on its first flight

SureFly finally takes its electric helicopter on its first flight: It might be a little later than the CES 2018 target date, but let’s be sincere guys, it’s never too late to show the world how your electric helicopter flies. Workhorse Group has finally run a flying test of its hybrid-electric helicopter. The company touts that the flight is completely untethered and was an FIA-sanctioned flight. It all seems like it's getting much closer to production.

And it certainly does fly in the test video ... but not a lot. As you'll see, for its first time off the ground, it pretty much just hovers for a bit before landing again. But it does fly under its own power, and it's not connected to anything, which is an important milestone in its development. The pilot seems to find it pretty easy to fly, too. We can't fault SureFly for being careful though with their new vehicle. After all, a failure in the air is often higher stakes than with a car on the ground. We look forward to seeing longer, higher flights in the future.

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