четверг, 10 мая 2018 г.

Jeep Crusader Rendering Looks Even More Rugged Than Wrangler

Rendering artist Appu Koshy imagined a pretty rugged truck for the Jeep range. He named it the Crusader and though it may share some details with the Wrangler aesthetically, it’s still a tough, body-on-frame vehicle built to take on anything.

The designer says that it’s an adventure pickup truck for the North American auto market. And if to look at styling alone, it is hard to disagree. The concept is aggressive looking, but maintains most of the distinctive Jeep signature cues, the seven-slat grille being the most important of them. The headlights are sleek, the body stays on a set of all-terrain wheels, the fascia-mounted winch and roof-mounted fog lights give power to its off-road credentials.


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