пятница, 13 апреля 2018 г.

New Ford Focus is Cheaper and Lighter

It’s been 20 years since Ford launched the Focus and now it’s part of the scenery in the UK, where it has dominated the bestseller list for the last two decades. It has sold almost two million vehicles here, and over 16 million globally. Even the Pope used one at times.

Now we get Mark IV version. It is visibly bigger, 100 lbs lighter, 10 percent more economical, and cheaper. The new Focus is a very rare thing; a virtually all-new, non-premium car. The fierce competition in these days means that companies often have to adopt carryover parts, drivetrains, and even windows and doors to make their new model more economical. That’s not the case though for the Focus, which is a fresh vehicle from bumper to bumper.

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