суббота, 28 апреля 2018 г.

McLaren 570GT Cabbeen: dragon motifs

McLaren 570GT Cabbeen: dragon motifs: This is the first time in history for McLaren to collaborate with a Chinese fashion designer in order of releasing a uniquely styled model in extremely limited numbers. The McLaren 570GTCabbeen Collection is styled with inputs from a Chinese designer of the same name, Cabbeen, and it’s limited to just five units for the entire world.

Right now China is the market every car maker is trying to please and this trick seems to be a good way of pandering to the Chinese public. That is not to say McLaren 570GT Cabbeen Collection is rubbish. On the contrary, the design is pretty classy, even all those dragon motifs. On the outside McLaren 570GT Cabbeen Collection features a MSO Obsidian Black paint finish, garnished with hand-painted dragon door inserts. Complementing the golden dragons is a set of 15-Spoke GT wheels and brake calipers all finished in Bespoke Gloss Speedline Gold.

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