среда, 24 января 2018 г.

The “Dog Tested. Dog Approved” ad campaign is back

The Barkleys are back in Subaru‘s “Dog Tested. Dog Approved” ad campaign. The Japanese automaker aired four TV spots featuring the family of Labrador and golden retrievers Sunday night during the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Two spots showcased the 2019 Subaru Ascent three-row crossover.
The 30-second commercials, titled “Driving Lesson,” “Drop Off,” “Car Wash” and “Drive Away,” feature the Barkleys providing humorous spins on situations in which families find themselves. In “Driving Lesson,” one of the puppies gets distracted by noisy geese and ends up backing into a mailbox post and knocking it over. In “Drop Off,” the parents part ways with their child on the puppy’s first day of school. After a quick pep talk, the nervous puppy walks away and looks back at its parents melodramatically, as one of the parents whines and whimpers in despair. Read more

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