четверг, 4 января 2018 г.

Ford Motor Co. best-selling U.S. brand for 2017 year

Congradulation to Ford Motor Co. for keeping the title of best-selling U.S. Brand results of 2017, driven by strong light-truck sales, it rose with 1.3 percent. Even if the full-year volume of sales dropped with 0.9 percent in comparison with 2016. Ford takes this position for the eighth year in a row, and the F series was America's best-selling truck for the 41st consecutive year. 

While light-truck sales grown, the passengers cars fell more than twice because of decision to sell less vehicles to rental fleets, in December the sells fell 42% from a year earlier. Ford's fleets sales to rental companies finished the 2017 year at 11.1% of total sales, according to Ford lead. Daily rental sales had been at 11.1% each of the past three years.

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