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Rolls-Royce SwepTail- the most expensive car ever

Rolls-Royce SwepTail- the most expensive car everRight now, ladies and gentlemen you are looking at possibly the most expensive car the world has ever seen. This Rolls-Royce SwepTail is exactly that one car which costs more than we could ever earn, and it costs up to $13 million. It took the automaker four years to build it.

The guy who ordered this Rolls-Royce SwepTail must have liked these unusual looks – the design is nod to the swept-tail of certain Rolls-Royces from the 1920s, admired by the client – because RR designers made sure that every last detail of the vehicle was built to his specifications. They, for instance, spent a lot of time putting in a full glass roof since the dude was adamant he needed one. The client may be rich, but he doesn’t seem to have many friends, since he asked for only two seats in this huge car, and we reckon one of them will always be empty.

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