среда, 31 мая 2017 г.

Novitec's new Ferrari 488 N-Largo officially revealed

Novitec's new Ferrari 488 N-Largo officially revealedIf you’re familiar with Novitec’s works than you might already know that N-Largo series models are the limited, high-end body kit they produce in limited numbers only for the most celebrated supercars they work on. So, Novitec Ferrari 488 N-Largo is the latest model to get this treatment.

In creating the 488 N-Largo kit the tuner has drawn inspiration from classic models such as the F40. They have gone so far as using some of the old car’s cues in the new kit in an artistic and mysterious sort of way that only the Ferrari connoisseurs would notice them without being told. So maybe that is why the Novitec Ferrari 488 N-Largo looks a tad… ungainly.

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