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The BMW Z8 which belonged to Steve Jobs is up for sale

The BMW Z8 which belonged to Steve Jobs is up for sale: One special Z8 is up for sale. Wanna know what makes it special? Well it belonged to the former Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who passed away back in 2011. The car was delivered to him on 6 October 2000. He had the car until 2003, selling it on to the current owner in 2003. It must have been tempting to park it up for good at that point and maximise investment potential, but to his credit, the Los Angeles-based owner is said to have driven the car “regularly.” It wasn’t driven far, though: it’s clocked 15,200 miles, equating to less than 1000 miles a year.


He initially only kept it a year, selling it in 2004. He apparently regretted the decision, and convinced owner number three to sell it back to him in April 2006. This immaculate, well-maintained Z8 is being auction with the original hardtop plus stand, a cover, all the right manuals and service records, the navigation CDs and even a BMW-branded Motorola flip-phone. A phone which auction house RM Sotheby’s says Jobs was “known to have hated.” No big surprise there…

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Where will drivers recharge their EVs?

Where will drivers recharge their EVs?:If you want the growth of electric sales to happen, you need to provide customers with reliable public charging infrastructure. Today in the U.S. there are only 16,457 EV charging stations, with 44,999 outlets in operation, mostly on the coasts, but also including Tesla's network of Superchargers along major intercity corridors and other superfast charging stations. 


The presence and visibility of these stations should help build confidence among consumers thinking about buying battery EVs that they will be able to charge wherever they want. But once people live with an EV, they often realize they don't need access to public chargers as much as they once needed public gasoline stations, or require the same kind of quick fill-up.

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Honda Sports EV Concept: effortlessly cool and awesome

Honda Sports EV Concept: effortlessly cool and awesome: The Urban EV concept Honda has revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show was great, but the follow-up is even better. While Honda has confirmed that a production version of the Urban EV will indeed be here by 2019, the Sports EV is just a concept for now. Presumably, it’ll be more difficult to make a business case for the pint-sized sports car. Cross your fingers, folks…


As well as borrowing heavily from the aesthetic of the Urban EV, Sports EV designer Makoto Harado also looked to Hondas of yesteryear. “The S600/800 we produced 50 years ago - we took the spirit of it, a compact sports car spirit,” he told us. There’s maybe a hint of Toyota 2000GT in there, too. Would a production version have to be toned down a reasonable degree? Sadly yes, and it’s partly down to packaging. “The hardest thing is the height - because of the battery. [On the concept] we can exaggerate,” Harado noted.

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BMW wants to make sure its autonomous cars can hit high speeds

BMW wants to make sure its autonomous cars can hit high speedsCadillac and Audi might already tour their semiautonomous driving systems, but BMW is taking some more time before rolling out a high-speed self-driving system. BMW is spending the next couple of years working with suppliers and testing prototypes to ensure the automaker can introduce a system that can operate at high speeds in most highway driving situations, with the added benefit of being a backup operator in fully automated vehicles.


BMW's system won't be available until 2021, which puts it several years behind competitors. BMW chose to wait until it could introduce a system capable of driving at speeds up to 80 mph and making driving decisions such as lane changes on its own. To get there, the automaker is relying on partners and the ability to quickly build the system up to higher levels of autonomy.

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Crazy track-only hypercar by Apollo Automobil

Crazy track-only hypercar by Apollo AutomobilApollo Automobil has revealed its first ever production car, the Intensa Emozione, and it seems like they can win our hearts with just a simple look at this amazing supercar.


Intensa Emozione comes with a 6.3-litre, naturally aspirated V12. 769bhp propelling just 1250kg of car. Oh, and a ludicrously extreme aero package that generates 1350kg of downforce at 186mph. For context, a Renault RS.01 racing car produces 1250kg at the same speed. It’s essentially a track-only version of the Arrow concept revealed last year, and it’s staggeringly fast. 0-62mph is done and dusted in 2.7 seconds, the top speed is 208mph, and it’ll pummel your face with lateral forces of up to 2.0g in the corners. Just 10 will be made, at a cost of €2.3 million (£2.05m) each. Ouch.

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October could be the second best month of the year for new-car sales

October could be the second best month of the year for new-car sales: The second best month of 2017 for U.S. new-vehicle sales goes for October, thanks to the surging demand in states recovering from hurricane damage, though volume is projected to fall slightly from the same month last year.


Forecasts call for a 2 to 4 percent decline in industry sales this month. They estimate the seasonally adjusted, annualized selling rate will be 17.6 million to 17.9 million. While that's a drop-off from September's rate of 18.6 million -- which was the sixth-highest ever -- it would be well above the industry's sales pace in the first half of the year. Incentives have risen to 11 percent of average transaction prices -- "an indicator that new-vehicle demand is still contracting, and production cuts could be on the horizon to prevent oversupplies."

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The 2018 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

The 2018 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels EditionChevrolet and Hot Wheels mark their 50th anniversary in 2018. Custom Camaro has been the first car Hot Wheels have produced so the full-size 2018 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition is a perfect way to celebrate. The standard car is limited to just 2,500 units. The Hot Wheels package is a $4,995 option on 2LT and 2SS coupes and convertibles.


All are painted in Crush orange paint and feature a black and orange interior. The Crush paint is very similar to the Hugger Orange on 1969 Camaros. The cars also get two grey and white stripes straight down the middle, grey ground effects, grey wheels and Hot Wheels badges on the fenders. Dark taillights and black bowtie emblems help complete the orange contrast. In addition to the orange and black upholstery, the Hot Wheels package adds orange knee pads, orange seat belts, embossed headrests and Hot Wheels badging on the steering wheel and door sills.

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Ford and VW pressured by green groups to support clean-car standards

Ford and VW pressured by green groups to support clean-car standardsFord and Volkswagen have to face new problems, as a new coalition of environmental groups have launched a campaign to persuade automakers to live by their commitments for meeting emissions andfuel economy targets for the next decade. It accused the industry of colluding with the Trump administration to loosen the clean-car standards.


The coalition initially plans to pressure Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen Group of America to publicly support the fuel efficiency program, one of President Barack Obama's key initiatives for curbing greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. It wants the companies to disassociate themselves from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a major trade association that is actively lobbying to relax the standards, and chart their own green path.

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Aston Martin reveals its latest Zagato

Aston Martin reveals its latest ZagatoAston Martin has been hiding its latest Zagato model for a while, even though we’ve tried to search for some more information and maybe even spy photos of it. Thankfully, the carmaker has revealed a new set of images, showing the achingly pretty coupe in much greater detail.


Aston does still seem to be teasing us a little though, as the collection of pictures is missing a front angle view of the beast. Boo and hiss. Just 99 of these Shooting Brakes will be made, with 325 Vanquish Zagato models being built in total. Apparently, some well-heeled owners have ordered one of each model, at a cost of around $500,000 a pop…

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Automakers Push Back Against Trump And Say 'NAFTA Is Working'

Automakers Push Back Against Trump And Say 'NAFTA Is Working': A new coalition off major automakers, suppliers and auto dealers is being launched, it will try to urge President Donald Trump not to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement. Nearly every major automaker is part of it: General MotorsToyota Motor Corp., Volkswagen AG, Hyundai Motor Co., Ford Motor Co. and few others. They are backing an advertising campaign to convince the White House and voters that the agreement has been crucial in boosting U.S. automotive sector production and jobs.

United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, flanked by U.S. Chief Negotiator John Melle and U.S. General Counsel Stephen Vaughn, speaks at a news conference prior to the inaugural round of North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiations in Was

Trump has threatened to withdraw from the trade deal with U.S., Canada and Mexico, which is heavily utilized by automakers who have production and supply chains spread across the three countries. In the most recent round of talks to renegotiate NAFTA last week, Trump proposed changes to the rules of origin for autos, which are used to determine how much of an auto is made in a certain place. The proposed rules were viewed as untenable for automakers, as well as Mexico and Canada.

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Polestar's first road legal car revealed

Polestar's first road legal car revealed:The Swedish car maker comes up with its first production model. The Polestar 1 is a hybrid electric coupe set to go into production in mid-2019 at Volvo’s facilities in China.

So what we have here is a Chinese-built, Swedish-designed, electric-hybrid with old-school looks, supercar performance, and Grand Tourer comfort. It’s an amalgam, but something no one else has ever tried before. On the surface Polestar 1 looks like a slightly revised Volvo S90, which is not entirely coincidental. Polestar may have split from mother company, but they are still dependent on them for all kinds of support. And they would want the connection to that they won’t look like a start-up out there in the world exotic cars.

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GM will match supply with demand, and we know how

GM will match supply with demand, and we know howGeneral Motors might have cut more than 6,000 jobs this year, but it still might need to further shrink its manufacturing operations to address bloated inventories of some vehicles amid plateauing U.S. sales and pressure from Wall Street to avoid overproduction.


The majority of GM's U.S. assembly plants, including some where a shift already has been eliminated, produce vehicles that on average have at least an 80-day supply, 33 percent more than what the industry generally considers healthy. GM has at least seven U.S. assembly plants that on average produced vehicles with greater than an 80-day supply entering October, including four that have more than 100 days, according to the estimates.

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Lotus builds a limited-edition of its most iconic production car

Lotus builds a limited-edition of its most iconic production car: An extremely limited-edition version of Lotus’ most iconic production car is yet to be revealed, it’s the Elise Cup 260. Based on the Elise Cup 250, it integrates more of the tech used on the Elise Race 250, like carbonfibre and composite components that shave weight down to just 902kg at the kerb; 15kg less than the 250.


It has a load of functional aero, too, taking lessons learned from the Evora GT430 and 3-Eleven. Louvred front wheel arch vents reduce lift and that massive rear wing presses the rear rubber into the ground nicely. It makes for 180kg of downforce at top speed; a 44 per cent boost versus the Cup 250, and a lap of Lotus’ Hethel test track that’s an impressive 2.5 seconds faster. Track-biased Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R tyres help, too.

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Bentley Motors gets a new CEO

Bentley Motors gets a new CEOBentley Motors plans a major shake-up of its executive ranks just a few months before launching the new Continental GT. Wolfgang Durheimer will step down as CEO of Bentley effective February 1, 2018; he will be succeeded by Adrian Hallmark, former global strategy director at Jaguar Land Rover..Bentley's board members for engineering, sales and marketing, and human resources will also step down, effective January 1, 2018.


Durheimer, 59, will stay on at the VW Group to assist with the automaker's motorsports efforts. It's a fitting culmination to a career that oversaw the development of two generations of the Porsche 911, the Bugatti Chiron and the Porsche Carrera GT and 918 Spyder. An engineer by trade, Durheimer joined Porsche in 1999, a decade before VW Group bought a controlling stake in the sports car brand. He became Bentley's CEO in 2011, moved to Audi in 2012 and returned to Bentley in 2014. Hallmark returns to Bentley, where he was sales and marketing chief between 1999 and 2005.

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IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR One- sweet grand tourer at heart

IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR One- sweet grand tourer at heart: Even though Mercedes has built a road-legal AMG GT3, tuners have been there to make some changes on it and add some better looks and power. Meet the IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR One. Don’t be fooled with the massive aero parts or the wide arches on IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR One. The car is still a sweet grand tourer at heart. It just happens to look like the bastard child of Godzilla and Predator.


Mind you, IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR does have some motorsport skills. It’s not all show. Stating with a AMG GT S, the tuner has replaced major body parts with lightweight carbon fiber pieces. So you have the weight advantage. Then there is the race car-grade aerokit, complementing the  adjustable race suspension, new axle parts and the forged aluminium wheels. The V8 engine is also improved with tweaked turbochargers and a new cooling system. Las but not least, you get track-ready Pirelli Pzero Trofeo R tires.

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Toyota and Lexus rank the top 2 brands for reliability again

Toyota and Lexus rank the top 2 brands for reliability again: Based on costumer reports Toyota and Lexus rank the top 2 brands for reliability for the fifth year in a row. The rankings of the remaining 25 brands reflect a game of musical chairs, however. Consumer Reports' 2017 Auto Reliability Survey found "growing pains" among automakers with new and updated cars and light trucks, with "wonky" engines and "jerky" eight- and nine-speed and continuously variable transmissions, as well as infotainment systems, among the top problems.


The magazine said its survey shows some but not all automakers are quick to respond to major problems between model years. The 2016 Hyundai Tucson crossover scored poorly with owners due to transmission issues, but complaints about 2017 Tucson transmissions dropped by more than half. Similarly, gripes about the in-car electronics on the 2017 Civic were so improved that the complaint rate was only a third of that for the 2016 version.

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The 1957 Porsche diesel-engined Allgaier up for sale

The 1957 Porsche diesel-engined Allgaier up for sale: There are many people saying all the Porsche models are just too common and expensive, but you know what guys? This one is totally different, and it’s actually a pretty affordable Porsche,that’s right: affordable Porsche. In the pictures below you’ll see the restored 1957 Porsche diesel-engined Allgaier tractor.


Yours for an estimated $12,000-18,000 at auctioneers Historics at Brooklands’ November sale, it’s the kind of Porsche you just don’t see every day. Alongside Ferdinand Porsche’s businesses building Porsche cars and the Volkswagen Beetle during the 1950s, he also built tractors. His company built some 120,000 of them as Porsche Allgaier models before buying the latter company outright in 1957. This tractor, therefore, is one of the last associated with the Allgaier name.

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Toyota recalls 310,000 Sienna minivans in the U.S.

Toyota recalls 310,000 Sienna minivans in the U.S.: About 310,000 Sienna minivans are recalled by Toyota Motor Corp. in the U.S.. The carmaker will work on fixing shift levers that could move out of park, perhaps causing the vehicle to roll away. The recall affects 2005-07, 2009 and 2010 Siennas, the automaker's North American unit.


"Grease inside the shift lever assembly could transfer to other internal components," causing them to malfunction, Toyota said. The problem may cause the shift lever to slip out of park without the brake being pressed. This could cause the vehicle to roll away and may lead to a crash. The company said Toyota dealers will remove and replace an "appropriate amount" of grease and replace the shift lock solenoid.

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This McLaren will certainly become the most expensive F1 ever sold

This McLaren will certainly become the most expensive F1 ever sold: This McLaren F1 is like no other and it’s up for sale with only 148 miles on the clock, which means it covers only the delivery mileage. It never got registered by its single owner, and still wears its factory protective wrapping. By the way it includes all the original accessories including the tool chest and luggage set.


This 1997 example is finished in Dandelion Yellow, while on the inside you’ll find a dark grey interior with contrasting yellow inserts on the driver’s seat. Gordon Murray’s signature is hand-painted on the body, and you get an spare, LM-style exhaust and a GT R steering wheel along with the deal. This is the closest thing to a new McLaren F1 in existence, and it’s up for sale at specialist dealer Tom Hartley Jnr. It’s listed - as you’d probably expect - as ‘£POA’, but this will almost certainly become the most expensive F1 ever sold, exceeding the current record of $15.62 million.

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General Motors donates $5 million to Henry Ford

General Motors donates $5 million to Henry FordGeneral Motors donates $5 million to a nonprofit organization founded by the patriarch of its largest American rival. The donation was announced Tuesday by the GM’s head of global product development, purchasing and supply chain, as part of a new partnership between the automaker and Henry Ford, a National Historic Landmark in Dearborn, Mich., established by Ford Motor Co..


With the gift, GM will sponsor the museum's rotating exhibit that will now be known as the Gallery byGeneral Motors. Reuss said the mission is to offer exhibits that help promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM. GM now supports an educational effort that includes the Ford name, but the gift is meant to ensure GM is part of the museum's innovations for future generations.

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Range Rover Sport gets a new engine for 2018

Range Rover Sport gets a new engine for 2018

Range Rover Sport gets some new features and interesting changes for 2018. Sure, it’s not going to be a full blown remake, but for a mid-cycle refresh it’s just great. Starting with a new engine and much more tech, the 2018 Range Rover gets very close to a beautiful transformation. I’ll get to all the new goodies, tech, powertrain, and otherwise in just a bit, but let me get the bottom line out of the way first. The 2018 Range Rover Sport goes for . . . are you kidding me? Sheesh!


I mean, I know these things are expensive, but I had to read the specs twice to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke. The 2018 Range Rover Sport starts at a little less than 67-thousand dollars and tops out at a little under 114-thousand. That’s like Porsche Carrera territory. And yes, yes, I know. Range Rovers can go places and do things that Porsches etc. cannot do, but that is a lot of money to pay for a fancy jeep. But I get it. One of the fun things about being rich is letting other people know how rich you are, or so they tell me.
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More than 1 million Mercedes cars and SUVs are recalled worldwide

More than 1 million Mercedes cars and SUVs are recalled worldwide: More than 1 million Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs are being recalled by Daimler worldwide. Thesafety recall covers 495,000 vehicles in the U.S., 400,000 in Britain, 76,000 in Canada and a few hundred thousand in Germany, company officials said. The automaker did not immediately have a complete worldwide total.


An electrostatic discharge, coupled with a broken clock spring and insufficient grounding of steering components, can lead to inadvertent deployment of the driver side front airbag in vehicles subject to the recall, the company said on Monday. As part of the fix, it said dealers would add new grounding to the steering components. A Mercedes-Benz spokeswoman in the United States said there had been "a handful of instances where drivers suffered minor abrasions or bruises" due to the airbag problem.

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Ford offers free Explorer repairs

Ford Motor Co claims it will offer free repairs to North American owners of more than 1.4 million Explorer sport utility vehicles to help ensure that carbon monoxide and other exhaust gases cannot get into the vehicles, following the U.S. government’s decision to upgrade an investigation into the issue in July.
Several U.S. police agencies have raised concerns about potentially deadly carbon monoxide gas entering the cabins of Ford Explorers that had been adapted for law enforcement uses. Federal regulators have said they are aware of more than 2,700 complaints, three crashes and 41 injuries that may be linked to exposure to carbon monoxide among police and civilian 2011-2017 Explorer vehicles. Read more

Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4 Squared discontinues production

According to the official announcement, Mercedes-Benz will end production of its one-of-a-kind G500 4×4² off-road luxury beast. The orders will be accepted through the end of October. Prices for the high-riding luxury SUV start around $275,000, based on current exchange rates.
Developed for extreme off-road use and unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the G500 4×4² is basically a shorter, more practical version of the G63 AMG 6×6, with the third axle removed. It features portal axles that position the wheels lower on the axle heads due to the portal transmission, adding 7.9 inches of ground clearance for 17.2 inches total, with a fording depth of more than 3 feet. Read more 

Ssangyong works on a plug-in version of its Korando

Ssangyong works on a plug-in version of its KorandoThe rumors are flying that Ssangyong is working on a plug-in version of its Korando model. The next generation Korando or as you might have heard the C300 (which is the internally known name of this car) might be ready in 2019.

Reports of SsangYong developing an all-electric crossover first surfaced online in June 2016. According to the latest report, the Pyongtaek plant has not been running at its full capacity. The introduction of the the new C-Segment Korando will help SsangYong utilise its capacity better. Although that does rest solely on the success of the SUV. SsangYong can draw encouragement from recent successes like the Tivoli and the Rexton.

Ssangyong works on a plug-in version of its Korando

Ssangyong works on a plug-in version of its Korando: The rumors are flying that Ssangyong is working on a plug-in version of its Korando model. The next generation Korando or as you might have heard the C300 (which is the internally known name of this car) might be ready in 2019.


Reports of SsangYong developing an all-electric crossover first surfaced online in June 2016. According to the latest report, the Pyongtaek plant has not been running at its full capacity. The introduction of the the new C-Segment Korando will help SsangYong utilise its capacity better. Although that does rest solely on the success of the SUV. SsangYong can draw encouragement from recent successes like the Tivoli and the Rexton.

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Tesla fires 400 employees for an unknown reason?

Tesla fires 400 employees for an unknown reason?: According to the local news report and a former Tesla employee, the electric vehicle maker fired about 400 employees last week. The dismissals were a result of a company-wide annual review, Tesla said in an emailed statement, without confirming the number of employees leaving the company.


"It's about 400 people ranging from associates to team leaders to supervisors. We don't know how high up it went," said the former employee, who worked on the assembly line and did not want to be identified. Though Tesla cited performance as the reason for the firings, the source told he was fired in spite of never having been given a bad review.

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Technology can always fail, but so can humans

As car accidents go, it wasn’t much: Twelve minutes before noon on a cool June day, a Chevrolet Bolt was rear ended as it crawled from a stop light in downtown San Francisco. What made this fender bender noteworthy was the Bolt’s driver: a computer.
In California, where companies such as Cruise Automation Inc. and Waymo are ramping up testing of self-driving cars, human drivers keep running into them in low-speed fender benders. The run-ins highlight an emerging culture clash between humans who often treat traffic laws as guidelines and autonomous cars that refuse to roll through a stop sign or exceed the speed limit. Read more 

There’s a new sports car on the way from BMW

BMW has unveiled a stunning concept which previews the third generation BMW Z4. The concept was presented by BMW Group head of design, Adrian Van Hooydonk. The car previews the production roadster out in 2018. The production Z4 is a joint project between BMW and Toyota. The platform will also underpin a Toyota sports car that’s expected to be the long-awaited successor to the Supra.
Like every new rear-wheel-drive BMW, the next Z4 is underpinned by the CLAR architecture which offers a lightweight platform, so important for great driving dynamics. Therefore, an AWD system will not be offered. Under the hood, sources say the Z4 will be powered by four and six-cylinder engines. The base model is the Z4 sDrive20i, powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder unit rated at 180 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. Read more 

New Mercedes A-Class Sedan to be revealed in 2018

New Mercedes A-Class Sedan to be revealed in 2018: So, we already know for sure that the new Mercedes A-Class Sedan is arriving in 2018, the automaker has confirmed that. But what we really wanna know is when and how it’s gonna look and drive. Mercedes-Benz previewed its design with the Mercedes Concept A Sedan at Auto Shanghai 2017. The company began testing the pre-production model on the roads in August. The A-Class Sedan will have a sharp and aggressive front and rear, a rather conventional roofline, leaving the coupe-like styling for an all-new CLA, and short front and rear overhangs for a much sportier look.

Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan, 2017

While the next-gen A-Class will have a body 4.4 metres long, the first-ever A-Class Sedan will measure almost 4.55 metres. The concept version is 4,570 mm long, 1,870 mm wide and 1,462 mm in height. Like the bigger sedans, the A-Class three-box will feature a dual display setup inside. The Mercedes A-Class Sedan will ride on the MFA2 front-wheel-drive platform. Mercedes-Benz will offer its new entry-level sedan with 1.4-, 1.6- and 2.0-litre petrol enginesand 2.0-litre diesel engines.

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Tesla recalls 11,000 Model X crossovers

Tesla recalls 11,000 Model X crossoversTesla plans to recall about 11,000 Model X crossover vehicles due to possible issues with their second-row fold-flat seats. Only about 3 percent of the electric SUVs being recalled are expected to have issues, which the carmaker said it can correct in about 10 minutes with its mobile service operators.


The problem, which was discovered in internal testing, involves incorrectly adjusted seat cables. Tesla has not received reports of any issues or accidents relating to the problem, it said. “We will be conducting a voluntary recall to inspect the affected vehicles and confirm whether any adjustment is needed,” the company said in an emailed statement. “Although we have never seen any incidence of it in the field, internal testing has indicated that if the cable is not properly adjusted, the seat back on the left side of the second row seats could move forward during a crash.”

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Mazda prepares its RX Vision Concept for the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda prepares its RX Vision Concept for the 2018 Tokyo Motor ShowMazda teases us with its new sports car concept first official pictures. The automaker will bring the car to the Tokyo Motor Show, along with another vehicles that previews the next 3hatchback.

We’re just a few weeks away from the public debut of Mazda’s follow-up for the stunning RX Vision concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. From the sounds of it, the car will be powered by arotary engine, and today Mazda has given us our first look via a teaser image. As you can just about make out, it cuts a similarly long, unfussy figure to the RX Vision, but this concept has sprouted an extra pair of doors. Mazda is calling it a “design vision model,” intended to preview the future of its “Kodo design language.”

Trump might switch to a bilateral trade pact with Canada

Trump might switch to a bilateral trade pact with Canada:If Donald Trump won’t reach the deal with Mexico to substantially revise the North American Free Trade Agreement, he could switch to a bilateral trade pact with Canada. He said to reporters he could envision maintaining free trade with Canada.


He spoke at the White House alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on a visit to try to convince the U.S. leader of NAFTA's merits as a new round of renegotiations began near Washington. Asked about Trump's comments at a news conference later, Trudeau said he was still optimistic about the chances of modernizing the 1994 trade pact.

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A one-off electric Cayman has been cooked up by Porsche

A one-off electric Cayman has been cooked up by Porsche: We’re announcing you before you get angry or excited about this Porsche car: it doesn’t go into production. This Cayman E-Volution is striclty a one-off built for the Porsche-sponsored Electric Vehicle Symposium in Stuttgart, Germany.


Porsche hasn’t given away much in terms of technical details, other than the car’s modest range of 124 miles, and its 0-62mph time of 3.3 seconds. Yes, 3.3 seconds. Over a second faster than the Cayman GT4, and just under a second faster than a PDK 718 Cayman S with the Sport Chrono Pack. Want another comparison? It’s also a tenth faster to 62mph than a 911 GT3. So if it’s not being put into production, what’s the point?

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Hyundai pushes its dealers to modernize the car shopping experience

Hyundai pushes its dealers to modernize the car shopping experience: Starting with the idea that customers already know from the internet what they desire and what they can get for a specific price, Hyundai is pushing its dealers to modernize the new-car shopping experience.


The Korean automaker on Tuesday announced that dealers will post “fair market pricing” on their websites that includes company discounts offered to consumers. Dealers, which are independent businesses, will be encouraged to add incentives they’re offering to buyers. They’ll also deliver vehicles to customers for test drives and allow people to do paperwork online, including calculation of monthly payments, loan applications and estimating the value of their trade-ins.

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Hyundai previews its Bisimoto HyperEconiq concept

Hyundai previews its Bisimoto HyperEconiq concept:Hyundai has a thing for unique vehicles, cause if it doesn’t what’s the point of intriguing us by previewing its 2017 SEMA show lineup? Its Bisimoto HyperEconiq loniq proves that going green does not have to be dull. What Bisimoto has done here is trying to make the Ioniq cooler, enjoyable and more desirable.


Whether this is something the typical Ioniq buyer would like or be willing to try remains to be seen, just as the it is not clear if tuning enthusiasts would go for something like the Ioniq in the first place. That puts a fairly big question mark above the Bisimoto HyperEconiq Ioniq and the point it is trying to make. But in any case, the achievement, as far as tuning and the whole aftermarket thing goes, is rather brilliant.

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What exactly put the U.S. car sales into this situation?

What exactly put the U.S. car sales into this situation?: Wanna know what exactly has changed everything in the U.S. car sales? Well the specialists blame it all on the post-Hurricane Harvey replacement demand and makeup deals from storm-delayed August purchases. And the more important question: Will it continue? Analyst Alec Gutierrez of Kelley Blue Book said hurricane replacement sales will provide a modest boost for two or three months. But he says the lift isn't enough to change his full-year forecast of 17.1 million, which would be down from last year's 17.6 million sales.


Still, auto company economists say U.S. market fundamentals support growth in the months ahead. Last week, Ford Chief Economist Emily Kolinski Morris predicted fourth-quarter growth "in the 2 percent-plus range" for the general economy. General Motors Chief Economist Mustafa Mohatarem called the economy "the main force" driving auto volume. "With the U.S. economy strengthening, retail sales should remain strong for the foreseeable future," he said.

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Hurricane recovery helps to increase September car sales

Major automakers on Tuesday posted higher U.S. new vehicle sales in September as consumers in hurricane-hit parts of the country replaced flood-damaged cars, extending a rally in their shares that began when Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas in late August.
Analysts and industry consultants had predicted hurricanes Harvey and Irma would provide automakers with their first monthly gains in 2017. Sales had been weak after a strong run since 2010 that culminated in record sales of 17.55 million units in 2016. But others warned high inventory levels and record consumer discounts remained a concern moving forward. Read more

2008 Audi A4

2008 Audi A4:

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Ford will move away from traditional cars

Jim Hackett said Ford would shift resources from traditional cars to SUVs and trucks, while investing in electric power and tech services. The overall reduction in spending is about $14 billion – $4 billion of which will be product engineering cuts, and $10 billion of which will be materials savings. That’s because Ford has decided its 6-percent margins aren’t enough to sustain itself. It wants at least 8-percent margins, and also to invest properly in autonomy and electrification (including the EV-focused Team Edison group, of which there are few details at the moment).
In addition, Ford will yank $7 billion from car development to fund truck and SUV development, including the 2018 Ranger and 2020 Bronco and three other trucks to be determined later. Ford also claims that one of them will be an EV SUV. The company will also reduce the buildable configurations of possible cars. Did you have any idea the Fusion had this many configurations? Neither did we. What this means is more popular options group bundling, and a lot fewer standalone options, in all likelihood. That’s great for manufacturing efficiency but perhaps less good for consumer choice. Read more